KY Intimacy Experiment Day #2

Day 2 of the  KY Intimacy Experiment is aptly named It's Not Just About Sex. Day 2 is about tracking how often you and your partner interact in positive ways. According to the pamphlet, "Studies show that successful relationships tend to have a high ratio of positive to negative interactions. Experts believe that the ratio should be 5:1." Some examples of positive interactions include: Kissing Hugging Holding hands Having a postive conversation Bickering was given as an example of a negative interaction. I think actively and … [Read more...]

KY Intimacy Experiment Day #1

Recently I won a blogger giveaway from fellow blogger Elena at Luna Savings (recently moved to A Time Out for Mommy). It was for the KY Intimacy Experiment. I was a little scared about this experiment because as many of you if you have read my recent posts, sex and intimacy have been very thin on the ground since the birth of our son 8 months ago. In fact, I can count on both hands the number of times we have been intimate with each other and still have some fingers. However, I was definitely willing to give it a go. Anything that could help my … [Read more...]