Wordless Wednesday – Cooking Fail

Please be careful cooking/baking. Here is my booboo from last week that I got draining hamburger steaks.

And here is the much smaller but no less painful booboo I got two days later making cupcakes.


  1. Self Sagacity says:

    I have done this numerous time, becareful is right on. :-)

  2. fiction-books says:

    I have also recieved this kind of injury on several occasions.

    When it comes down to it … do you let go of the tray of baking, or continue heroically on and burn yourself?

    Is it just because we don’t want to clean up the mess that dropping the baking tray would make, that we all take the stupid option and cary on regardless of the fact that we are getting welded to the tray???

  3. That is exactly what it is. I just didnt want to drop it. I had spent half an hour making those hamburger steaks no way where they going in the sink.

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