Rubbermaid Lunchblox Sandwich Kit Review

I cannot believe school time is here already! There are so many things I am pretty adamant about in my house and eating a good lunch is one of them. My husband always goes to the deli at his work and my son eats school lunches so I worry about both of them. I know that they both never eat their veggies so I decided I needed to send both of them lunch everyday. I was sent a Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich Kit to review so my mom bought us another for Little M to have one too. So every chance I get, I pack their lunch with real foods and veggies. I … [Read more...]

Making Our House Look Awesome with Rendi – Review & Giveaway

  I know we have lived at our house for 3 years now but we still only have like five pictures up. We are terrible at deciding what we want to go where and what would look good here. I am not very DIY, in fact, I like things where I can just ask someone else to do it for me or give me lots of options because I am picky. That is why I like Rendi. Its a great company whose name means "you make" in Italian.  Well, they must have known about how bad my house looked and they offered me a great review from their site! Rendi is also a direct sales … [Read more...]

Nuby Twitter Party TODAY! #NubyUSACup

Nuby Twitter Party TODAY! Time: 6:00 p.m. CST - 6:45 p.m. Topic: We will be chatting about nuby products, sippy cups, and transitioning babies from bottles to sippys Hostesses: @NubyUSA, @GenofSavings, @AshleyThinks2 Hashtag: #NubyUSACup Custom Tweetgrid: Prizes: $15 Walmart gift card (door prize), Nuby Sippy Cup after each question, $15 Walmart gift card (bonus question), & Nuby Prize Pack (grand prize) RSVP for the Nuby Twitter party Step 1 : To be eligible for prizes, please follow your three hostesses via … [Read more...]

Broken Butterflies Review and Book Tour

Ilisha Morrison should have died the day she boarded the bullet train to Colorado. As her train collided with another, a handsome stranger saved her life, but put her in more danger than she ever imagined possible. Caught in a warring world of angels, demons, and a vengeful Death Maker who wants to destroy her, Ilisha discovers her true identity and that not everything is as it seems. Betrayal, heartache and two angels competing for her love forces Ilisha to make the hardest decision of her life.       You can buy on Kindle … [Read more...]

Nuby Pinterest and Twitter Scavenger Hunt!

Nuby is having a Scavenger Hunt! You can WIN $50 worth of Nuby Bath Toys! Contest ends August 31st so go enter now!!!   You can check it out on Nuby's Pinterest page or check out the graphic below for instructions!     … [Read more...]

Target, General Mills, and Crayola Back to School Deals and Giveaway

Back to School is in full force. We started back a week ago and my son is already hating homework. I love Back to School times because its the best time to snag great deals!  I always love it when I can find coupons and deals on snacks because Little M has to take a snack to school everyday.  That is why its awesome that Crayola and General Mills have teamed up with Target to offer some amazing back to school deals during the month of August. Check them out below and you can also go right now to check out where you’ll find even … [Read more...]

Saying Thank You and Donating with Elmer’s #BagitForward


School is back in session for public schools here in Alabama and it has been crazy in the stores! My mother and I usually start the school supply shopping as soon as the sales start and we continue all summer. I know that sounds crazy but we usually get everything we need for our own kids for less than $10 to $20 including bookbags so why keep going? We have a huge stockpile of school supplies that we give to members of our family and we donate to our community at the end of the summer and we start again the next year. This year I am super excited … [Read more...]

Destiny Unhinged Book Tour & Giveaway

Destiny Unhinged Book Tour & Giveaway Destiny Unhinged VANESSA anxiously waits for her birthday, a boyfriend and some much needed excitement in her dull and boring life. She soon finds herself torn between two guys. Well, I guess that is what she would call them, even though one is a dead Alien King. MAX, a dead alien who is trapped in limbo between two worlds and longs for Vanessa, his destiny, to help him home and become his Queen. He offers her his world, his heart and his future. TOBY, a good looking guy who shows an interest … [Read more...]

Crimson Groves Book Tour

Crimson Groves by Ashley Robertson Abigail Tate was a normal human girl. Until the day Bronx the vampire barges into her life and turns her against her will. Held captive while forced to deal with never ending cravings for blood, Abby prays for a way to escape. Only when an opportunity arises, it's with the aid of an innocent human named Tyler--except vampires are forbidden to interact with the unbitten. But Abby quickly learns this human has secrets of his own...secrets that can either help her or get her killed. Only Abby discovers that she was … [Read more...]

$100 Amazon Giftcard Facebook Blast

  Here is your last chance in August to win a $100 Amazon Giftcard from some amazing bloggers in the last week of the Facebook Blast! Just enter on the Giveaway Tools form below. This giveaway will run from 8/24 until 8/30 at 10:59 pm CST. GOOD LUCK! Loading Entry-Form... ... Makobi Scribe and My Vinyl Direct are bringing you this Amazon Facebook blast. The winner will receive an Amazon gift card for $100. The giveaway is open WW. … [Read more...]