The Shamanic Detective Book Tour & Giveaway


The Shamanic Detective When Riga Hayworth’s lover is arrested, she’s determined to unearth the truth, no matter the cost. But life – and death – gets in the way. All Riga wants is to clear the name of her almost-fiancée, Donovan Mosse. But a death faerie has other plans for her, and Riga is forced to protect a shaman with a house full of murderous relatives. The only way to stop this killer is to figure out who he, or she, is before the next strike. As the two cases become entangled, Riga must choose between facts and faith, and decide just how … [Read more...]

Your Mark on the World Book Review & Tour


Your Mark On The World Purchase on Kindle / Paperback / Nook / Smashwords Your Mark On The World combines inspiring stories of ordinary people doing remarkable things to make the world a better place with practical advice to empower anyone to give more to a cause (charity, non-profit or social venture) without giving up a career or family. I got a chance to read this book through Promotional Book Tours and I am happy I did. I love inspirational books. I always feel so energized after reading them because it makes me think I can go out and do … [Read more...]

The Arimathean Book Tour & Giveaway


The Arimathean Alex Donovan survived battle against insurgents in Afghanistan, and again in Zurich against a fallen angel. Now he must fight for his soul, drawn into a war that has waged across the centuries between angels and demons for control of a legendary relic more valuable than the Shroud of Turin. Gaspar de Rouse, a mere man with the gift – or curse – of immortality, is the latest in a long line of devoted guardians who have protected the secret for two thousand years. He received his sacred duty centuries earlier, passed down through … [Read more...]

Jingle Bell Jam Blogger Sign Ups Open NOW!

As our readers are doing their Holiday shopping, why not provide them with some assistance. This Flourishing Life and Generations Of Savings have put together the Jingle Bell Jam. With your help, we will be giving away a $100 Gift Card of winner's choice (Walmart, Target, or Amazon) or PayPal Cash. This giveaway will be open WW, so if you are an blogger outside of the US feel free to sign up!!!! Dates: December 3rd-14th {Sign-Ups close when we reach the amount of money needed to purchase the prize. That equals no more than 25 … [Read more...]

Nuby Teething Twitter Party #NubySmiles

Come and join us for a Nuby USA Twitter Party that is all about Teething! Date: November 8, 2012 Time: 2:00 p.m. CST - 2:45 p.m. Topic: We will be chatting about Teething! Hostesses: @NubyUSA, @GenofSavings, @TheMiracleMomma Special Guest: Dr. Grace Yum - @DrGraceYum – Hashtag: #NubySmiles Custom Tweetgrid: Prizes: 1 $15 Walmart Gift Card (Door Prize), 5 Hard & Soft Teethers (after each question) & a Nuby Teething Prize Pack RSVP for the Nuby Twitter party Step 1 : To … [Read more...]

Event Recap #GracoSafety Introducing the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 40


This weekend I got to do something I have never done before outside of my charity life. I got to host a live event for Graco at Babies R Us in Homewood, AL.  The #GracoSafety event was to introduce the Graco SnugRide® Click Connect™ 40 and the event was so fun! I was so nervous but after I got there and the event started, it was great. I got to do a live demo of the newest car seat from Graco and I want it. I want it for the new baby.  It is such an awesome car seat but I expected no less from Graco. Both of my boys had Graco car seats and travel … [Read more...]

Guess Who’s On the Way?


Yep, you guessed it. I am pregnant again.  My husband and I found out we were going to have baby #3 on August 25th and we were both really excited about my pregnancy.  I went to the OB doctor the next week on Tuesday August 28th. I had an ultrasound that day but I was not far enough along  in my pregnancy to see anything but the gestational sac.  They said my due date was 4/27 but later changed it to 5/4. On Friday August 31st I got the call that my progesterone levels were too low. I was put on the progesterone suppositories and was told that … [Read more...]

A Diary’s House Guest Post & Book Tour

‘A Diary’s House’ – The Dedication Many people might find this hard to believe, that a father would write a story to read to his children even before they were born. Let alone to have the idea and impression of his one son in mind - to create a story, a novel about his son’s imaginative adventures in a place and world far away from our current day and time. Intuition can have a very strong pull on the heart, and it can direct a person with the iron- clad faith that one day, someday, such a story; a place, a home could be created for … [Read more...]

The Silver Cross Book Tour & Giveaway


The Silver Cross Book Tour The Silver Cross There are two things Boston detective Lacey Gardner knows about killing vampires. Slicing off a head or a hit directly to the heart are the only surefire ways to kill one. Silver is their Achilles heel. A vampire never wears silver. When she meets bartender extraordinaire, Damon Harte, her heart does a quickstep for the dark hunky guy. She's learned the hard way that having a love interest in her line of work can be heart-wrenching. She's kept to herself for years, but something about Damon … [Read more...]

$50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I just found an amazing $50 Amazon Gift card Giveaway! If I had a $50  Amazon gift card, I would probably get diapers. I can get a whole box for my son for only $35 and that leaves me plenty to get a couple of books for mom. Or I could get that baking stone I have been eyeing for awhile now. Truth is there are so many things I would want to use an Amazon gift card on that just seeing this amazon gift card giveaway is making me go into overdrive trying to decide what I would get. a Rafflecopter giveawayGiveaway brought to you by Maryland DUI … [Read more...]