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seattle's best coffee #greattaste

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Seattle’s Best Coffee blogging program. As always, all opinions are my own and I think coffee is a staple of life. I watched a documentary once on sensory memory.  My favorite part was how people connect smells to different memories in your life.  Great smelling coffee beans do that for me.  I think of my aunt. She was a coffee connoisseur and she knew how to pick out from smell what coffee would have a great taste.  I like to think that I have that ability because every time I smell a bag of Seattle’s Best coffee, it takes me back and I know my tastebuds are in for a treat.  Honestly, like most people I know in their late 20’s, I survived my college years on hope and dreams half the time and bad office coffee the rest.  I was a very underpaid work study and I am pretty sure I became a zombie for half a semester. Now that I can finally have a say in it, I switched to Seattle’s Best coffee.  It is delicious with a #GreatTaste and super affordable so I can take my savings and  I can splurge on other office supplies like purple highlighters and post it notes shaped like animals.  If you haven’t tried Seattle’s Best Coffee yet, they offer a money back guarantee so it is a great time to give it a whirl! You can get a coupon for $2 off by clicking on the picture below.  What have you got to lose?

Seattle's Best #GreatTaste

seattle's best coffee #greattaste

I believe everyone has that perfect way they like to drink their coffee. My dad likes two creams and a little bit too much sugar for his diabetic soul.  My husband likes his steeped in sugar and poorly swirled.  I like to make mine hot.  Like boiling hot so that I can sit and smell it and wake up for a bit before drinking it.  When I make a cup of coffee I urge the random passerby to step aside because I need my bubble of space to enjoy it.  I also need half a jar of sugar but that is just between you, me, and the Seattle’s Best bag.  I always use my Birthday mug because one of my favorite people in the world gave it to me.  I used to work with Sharen and she is truly a gift to this world.  It is true what they say about moms. We need something to kick start our day and for many of us it is a good cup of coffee.  So many people like their coffee a different way so that is why it is beyond awesome that if you don’t love the taste of Seattle’s Best, they will give you your money back! You can find out where they sell Seattle’s Best on their store locator.

seattle's best coffee #greattaste

Go check out the Seattle’s Best Coffee sweepstakes on the #GreatTaste website, where you can enter for a chance to win a T-shirt by Tweeting @SeattlesBest using the #GreatTaste or sharing an image on Instagram with the #GreatTaste and tagging @SeattlesBestCoffee.  You can like them on Facebook below.  You can also sign up for the email newsletter to stay in the know for great Seattle’s Best promotions and upcoming news on products.

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Seattle’s Best Coffee blogging program. As always, all opinions are my own and I think coffee is a staple of life.

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  1. I have never tried Seattle’s best but after reading your post, now I want to!

  2. I keep meaning to try Seattles because I’ve heard os many great things about the brand but I keep forgetting. I need to add it to my grocery list.

  3. I have tried this brand and it was good, it’s hard to find in my area though so hopefully availability will improve.

  4. I kinda like Seattle’s best coffee…it’s all they have at work. :)

  5. I love this coffee! And I have coupons waiting for sale to match up!

  6. You had me at coffee! ;) I’ve been wanting to try their frozen coffees – I hope they come out with K-Cups soon!

  7. I don’t love coffee, but Seattle’s Best is the only thing my in-laws will drink!

  8. Love a good strong cuppa. I’m sure I could smell coffee strains wafting out of my screen!

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