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I am the world’s most disorganized person.  You all know this if you have read any of my posts.  Half my recipe posts begin with, “I couldn’t find the…. or I forgot to buy the…”, so you can bet my desk is crazy just like my mind.  I will not show a pic of my desk but really it is bad.  Like I may show a pic bad so you can feel sad for me. The Blogging Planner has pretty much changed my blogging life. It has been touted as the Ultimate Time Management and Organization Tool For All Bloggers.  I can see that.  I have developed an unhealthy attachment to mine so I can imagine someone who doesn’t have ADHD and doesn’t wait till the last minute is probably worse with theirs. Here is an example of what I mean about disorganized. The picture on the left is what I used to do to remind myself of things.  Post its were my life.  The one on the right is my Blogging Planner.  Please ignore my HORRIBLE handwriting.  My grandmother has chastised me about it my whole life.

blogging planner The Blogging Planner has so many cool things that I like.  It has monthly pages to help you organize, with places to record income and expenses. It also has weekly pages to help you stay on top of day-to-day blogging.  I think I use those more than anything because I am a total goof when it comes to remembering to do my daily stuff like pinning, facebook posts, and tweets.  I use the daily pages for reminders about dinner as well.  The Blogging Planner doesnt just help me with my blogging life, it also has helped me organized my personal life.  There is place to plan out your product reviews which I definitely need because I wait till the last second to do those. ALWAYS.


I love highlighting things.  I seriously have a highlighter problem.  I wish I could find some more scented highlighters because I would be in office supply heaven. So much so that I was working in my Blogging Planner and my toddler ambushed me for lunch. I made some sandwiches and I stepped away from the kitchen for a minute to find his cup and this is what happened:

Another reason I love the Blogging Planner is because it has everything you could need. It has blogging conference pages to help you organize your travel schedules, brand event pages, and PR Contact pages to help you stay connected to your sponsors and clients.

Blogging Planner

See I told you I might show you a picture of my desk. It is awful isnt it?

Are you unorganized? Super organized but would love a place that has everything you need for your blog? Tell me why you would love the Blogging Planner!


  1. I would love one of these – I am very unorganized. Well, I don’t know if it is that or the fact that I have 3 kids who are constantly distracting me! lol Having one place to put everything would help me keep track of everything much easier.

  2. I SO need one of these! I have pages of post ideas in my notebook, but I really need a better way to keep track of things like sponsored posts and giveaways! Thanks for the review & pics!

  3. LOVE IT ! I was soooooo unorganized before I got mine. Now its like an extension of my right hand at all times LOL

  4. Honestly, this is on my Christmas wish list. God only knows how much organization help I need NOW!!!

  5. The planner looks awesome. I was unsure whether I would like a physical planer but I can totally see how helpful I would be especially the sponsored post section.

  6. I actually have one of these and I have yet to use it. I need to pull it out and get started! Thanks for the tips!

  7. I bought the smaller planner and I love it! I do need more room though so I may get the large planner next time. It certainly does help with keeping track of everything!

  8. I was just thinking about this the other day. Starting to take on communications/media for others, and started to freak. How will I ever keep all that organized?? This would be GREAT! I use the calendar on my phone extensively. But old habits that kept me organized from past work life (SAHM last 10 yrs, now entrepreneur) would be so helpful. I was a Franklin Planner girl back in the day. Think I need to revisit!

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