Surviving Daylight Savings Time with Pampers

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Sleep is a luxury of my very distant past.  It seems like as soon as I get one kid that will sleep through the night, I immediately get another.  So every second I get is precious. Daylight Savings Time can be a hindrance to this. I have three kids so I know what I am talking about. This is the weekend every needs to set their clocks back at 2 am Sunday morning. I know that everyone will walk around in a daze for a day or two till they get used to it but it can seriously affect children’s sleep schedules.  You don’t want your 6 month old getting up at 4 am instead of 5 am do you? I certainly don’t. 3 am to 6 am is my best time of night because everyone pretty consistently sleeps through those hours.  I am happy to have some help from Pampers to help my baby and some tips from an expert on saving children’s sleep.  Because this little cutie in the picture below? She loves any chance she gets to skip sleep.

#DivasSleep Pampers #DDDivas

Here are 10 great Daylight Savings sleep tips for Baby by “The Sleep Lady”, Kim West.  She is a genius when it comes to sleep and I am happy I read some of her tip before attempting to help my toddler adjust.  These tips are more for babies 5 months and older because younger babies dont really have a schedule yet.

  1. Make a point to slowly adjust your child’s bedtime and nap times an hour earlier, just 15-30 minutes a day for a few days before daylight savings end.
  2. Make sure your children are well-napped during the day so that when the time change takes effect having a later-feeling bedtime isn’t as much of an issue.
  3. To help your baby sleep more soundly, consider installing blackout curtains and using a sound machine.
  4. While preparing for the time change (and after), use dramatic wake up to help your children adjust to change.
  5. Make sure that you watch your baby for sleepy cues carefully.  Make sure that you’re changing your baby’s diaper right before your child goes into the crib for naps and bedtime.
  6. Get outside.
  7. Stick to your flexible schedule.
  8. The end of daylight savings is a good time to make sure that your child’s bedtime is age appropriate.
  9. To ensure that your children know when it’s time to sleep, rely on your establishing soothing bedtime routine.
  10. If you do have a child who is getting up before 6:00 am, make sure that you respond to early risings quickly and consistently.

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I think that while I am definitely not an expert on sleep like Kim West, I am an expert on diapers. I have used disposable diapers with all three kids. I have used Pampers for all three and I love them. I originally used Pampers with my first because he had sensitive skin and the only diapers that didn’t break him out were Pampers. So after a year of them I loved them enough to use them with my second son and with my daughter. The new Pampers line is their most absorbent Baby Dry ever (sizes 2-5) with a 15% increase in capacity which offer little ones up to 12 hours of overnight protection!  I am so happy that I do not have to worry about leakage from my babies even if they ever decided to sleep 12 hours.  Oh I wish I could be that lucky. My sister is. Her kids have slept through the night from around 3 months on and they have slept for 8 to 12 hours. I hate her.

#DivasSleep Pampers #DDDivas

The new Pampers have three layers of absorbency vs. two which happens to be the amount found in ordinary diapers. A dry night means baby will more likely be more rested, less fussy and more contented the next day. I know that is true.  I have had to facilitate many a diaper change in the middle of the night.  My husband never gets up to help.  Glare at him in the supermarket if you see him. My little angels love to nurse themselves down which means they will definitely potty in a few hours and there is nothing worse than having to change a baby in the middle of the night out of wet, pee filled clothes.  Unless its poop filled clothes.  That is actually the worst. I love the snug sides of the Baby Dry diapers with colored tabs and a belted design and I definitely love the cute Sesame Street designs. I like knowing that it is not going to pull off her because she is definitely quick. Sometimes she gets up and moves around at night without making a sound.  Thank goodness she cant really escape yet.  She almost took off a dozen times when I was trying to get her into the awesome Children’s Place PJ’s she is wearing in the picture below.  Please ignore all the toys in the background.  Baby toys seem to multiple in my sitting room.

#DivasSleep Pampers #DDDivas

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#DivasSleep Pampers #DDDivas

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  1. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    I love that Pampers has 15% increase in capacity which offer little ones up to 12 hours of overnight protection

  2. Susan Vanhoose says:

    I love Pampers because they’re the best diaper and wipes available. They’ve been around a long time.

  3. I love Pampers because they always fit and there was never any leaks

  4. Cynthia R says:

    i love how well they protect against leaks

  5. The other kat says:

    I love that my babies can wiggle and twist and they never leak!

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  12. Nothing-BUT the friend that I would be giving these diapers to loves pampers for her son-I don’t know why?

  13. I tried all kinds of brands before I switched to cloth diapers and while I wouldn’t trade my cloth willingly, when I have to use disposables, like when my washer broke…I’ll only use Pampers!

  14. those blue eyes are amazing!!!

  15. beth shepherd says:

    i love the great quality

  16. kristen visser says:

    i love the quality, and i have never had problems with leaks while using pampers!

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    i love pampers there the best

  18. I love the fit and absorbency of pampers

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  20. Judy Thomas says:

    Baby stays dry!

  21. love the quality

  22. They’re one of the best fits for the mobile infants/children. They’re pretty high priced but they’re high quality as well. you really get what you pay for and your children always deserve the best of everything; don’t forget that. The mesh liner is a huge plus and the absorbency is wonderful as well.
    Thanks for the chance!

  23. I entered the Urban Shredder.

  24. no leaks

  25. Nicole-Lynn says:

    I like that Pampers has unbeatable leak protection! I have heard wonderful things about their Swaddler Diapers as well. I’m expecting my first baby in a couple weeks, thanks for the opportunity!

  26. kristen visser says:

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  27. i love how well they protect against leaks

  28. I like that Pampers has maintained a good reputation for quality diapers for many years.

  29. Pampers was the only diaper that would fit my twins when they were preemies. The pampers website has useful advice and tips for baby and child development.

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  35. the overnight protection its the best

  36. I love that we can always trust Pampers to keep the dirty stuff inside the diaper, when we need it the most.

  37. Laurie Emerson says:

    I love how absorbent they are so you never have to worry about leaks. They also fit the best.

  38. Laurie Emerson says:

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  39. Melisa Turner says:

    I have never used pampers. But that’s because when you are low income u can’t be picky. I would love to try pampers since I have heard they are a great brand.

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    I love that they protect against leaks!

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  47. catherine copeland says:

    Pampers is soooo absorbent This is the only brand I use

  48. courtney hennagir says:

    I love that I can trust Pampers! I have used them with both of my kiddos and have yet to experience a leak!

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  50. I love Pampers because they are very well made and do an awesome job keeping my grandsons dry:)


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