It’s Evening Wear Time and I Have Nothing to Wear!

I am going on a cruise in two weeks and I have nothing to wear. I do not know what I need.  I am lost.  I have a friend helping me next week to pick out some swimsuits and small accesories but I just realized that one of the nights on the ship is a formal night! What in the world do you wear to a formal night? I have never been to one.  I have been to parties that I was required to wear a dress but it was never ‘formal’.  I was told that I should get a little black dress and add some accessories and nice shoes.


So I was searching on JenJenHouse for a super awesome dress and I came across the one above. They have so many great dresses for so many occasions. I was overwhelmed and I actually got a bit distracted by the prom dresses. I want to go back in time and go to the prom again.  I would be so well dressed.  I would change four times.  Just because I can.  I do what I want.  The dress above is a great dress but I am not sure if I want something that isnt full length.  I have knee issues.


How about this one? Is this formal enough?  Too formal?  There are so many dresses to choose from at JenJenHouse that I may spend the rest of the night checking them out.  Do you have an occasion coming up for a new dress?  Prom, wedding, cocktail dress? Go visit JenJenHouse and  check out their amazing selection of dresses and accessories.


  1. the other Kat says:

    I love them both but I wOuld check with some of the ladies you’re going with. You don’t want to be either over or under- dressed!

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