The Top 4 Times I Needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

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I always knew growing up that I would be the mother of boys. I hoped so much because I knew I could not deal with girls. I barely brush my hair, I knew I couldnt teach my daughter how to do anything with hers. Or how to dress in a way that doesn’t look like you possibly never learned your colors in school.  I knew I could put those classes on my husband if I had boys.  And I did. I had two beautiful boys eight years apart and it was beautiful.  However, I completely forgot that I had BOYS. Boys that do Scouts. Boys that play sports. Boys that want to do what Daddy does and play with all the power tools.  I have a girl now as well but she has only added to my life of emergency room visits, stubborn faces, and lots of boo boos.  If only we knew about Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Atlanta, I wouldn’t have all these crazy emergency room bills and hours upon hours of wait time.

The wait time to get into our healthcare professional is ridiculous and they are only open from 8:30 to 4:30. Walgreens Healthcare Clinics are open 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends! All the accidents that happen around my house happen at 5 pm or later.  It is because my children and husband know that the regular offices are closed.  Healthcare Clinic Atlanta is the closest clinic to me and I am so sad that there isn’t one nearer to my house.  They can track blood pressure, they offer health screenings and vaccinations, give physicals, treat most non-emergency illnesses and injuries, and many more things.  They also accept most insurances.


The Top 4 Times I Needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic (in totally random order)

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1. Skin infections, irritations & rashes   My husband is a loon.  He is always laughing, always making jokes.  Anytime he gets hurt he refuses to go to the E.R. because it is ‘wasteful’. He always thinks his injuries are not that bad.  Well, its all funny until someone gets what could be a spider bite on vacation halfway across the country.  Walgreens Healthcare Clinics can help with all types of skin conditions including spider bites, infections, hives, and many others.  If we had known about that when we were on our trip, we wouldn’t have had to spend the whole time worrying about whether we would be visiting the E. R. as soon as we got back home.  My husband just kept saying that it was probably nothing.  Normal bites swell up and turn colors.  It was absolutely normal.  <——- Really honey?

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My husband thinks it is funny to take pics when I look horrible and feel worse

2. Headaches or Migraines  If you know me at all then you know that I have migraines.  I say I have a headache so often that most of my friends just ask me when I DONT have one.  I did a very not smart thing a few years ago and stopped going to treatment.  My neurologist had to go to Afghanistan and when she left, I never found a new one.  I just dealt with it the way I did when I was a teenager and cried a lot.  I spent a long time in the dark.  One day I was absolutely dying at work so I got off early and came home to try to take some Tylenol and sleep.  I had such a bad headache that I was shaking.  I was sweating but freezing.  I couldn’t even move my head without feeling like I was going to vomit.  Typical migraine but it had been years since I had one that bad.  My friend came over to drop off my son and I had to ask her to take me to urgent care. I had to sit there with my son in urgent care while I felt like I was dying. He cried because he was so worried about me.  If I had went to a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic when the migraine first started it would never have been that bad.  They are even able to refer you to a specialist.  I had to spend most the next two days in the dark in bed.  It was not fun.

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I also take pictures when he is hurt. We were made for each other.

3. Minor cuts or burns   Again with my husband not ever wanting to see the doctor.  He could probably cut his finger off and tell me that he was ok.  Sometimes though you just need some medical help.  It’s hard as a parent to tell if your child (or husband) needs stitches though.  At Walgreens Healthcare Clinics they can fix minor cuts with skin adhesive.  Much easier than stitches and probably much less of a wait.  The last time I had to go in to get stitches at the hospital I was there for six hours before they saw me.  I had to get 32 stitches in my hand and they worried that I had hit a nerve.  It was awful.  I know that wasn’t minor but the time I went in that someone had closed my finger in the hinge part of the car door? Yeah that was one stitch.  It would have been easily fixed with skin adhesive.  That wait time? 4 hours and 35 minutes.  Or two books and a small nap.

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4.  Vaccines  My son is so last minute it is silly.  He always tells me the night before something is due at 8 pm.  Sometimes he tells me the morning of.  He is my Scout son and almost every other weekend is doing something with them.  He conveniently forgot to tell me that he needed his tetanus vaccine for his Scout summer camp until the Tuesday before he was supposed to go that Thursday.  I almost died.  I had to beg, BEG, the receptionist to fit us in at his normal clinic and had to rush over an hour to get there since I never changed him over when we moved five years ago.  The Walgreens Healthcare Clinics offer all types of vaccines for your child.  I really could have used them during that stressful day and also when he never gave me the print out from his school saying that he needed an additional shot for 6th grade BEFORE registration.

My family is kind of dangerous when you really think about it. We really need something near our house so that we don’t have to deal with the emergency room.  You pretty much accept that your children will get hurt or sick as a parent and you learn to accept that it will be afterhours if it happens.  That is why Walgreens Healthcare Clinics are awesome.  They are there for your family’s needs.

Do you live near a one of the 400+ Walgreens Healthcare Clinics? Visit the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic online to find out.  What is one time you wish you had a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic near you?

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  1. We don’t live near one. Wish our local Walgreens would open one! The local walk-in clinic stays packed.

  2. I will have to see if any of our Walgreens in Maine offer this service. My kids always get sick or injured after hours too!

  3. Our offices are open 7 days a week but this is a great option for traveling. I was miserable on vacation from a sinus infection and would have loved to know about this option then!

  4. My husband never goes to the ER either. He once cut his finger at work and called to tell me he was on the way home and I’d need to bandage it up for him. He didn’t have any so he used duct tape! In the end, he did need to go to the ER — and get 8 stitches! Walgreen’s didn’t help there, but I did get bandages there. :)

    • Definitely sounds like mine. He once stepped wrong on his ankle and never went to the doctor. He still kinda limps. I told him it was broken but he said he would just walk it off.

  5. I wish we had a Walgreens around here. My family always seem to get sick when it’s NOT office hours. How inconvenient!

  6. I like that they offer vaccines. It’s crazy to have to go to a doctor’s office and pay the cost of a consultation when all you need is a shot.

  7. Yikes, good thing we have Walgreens because accidents and bad timing go hand and hand!

  8. I really wish our Walgreens had one of these clinics! I would use it often if they did. I keep hoping they add one in one of these days.

  9. I am SO thankful they have this option, it’s so close to me! I’m always there anyways!

  10. None of these exist in any of the Walgreens around here and it would be great if they did. A place to be seen and treated AND pick up your Rx in one place? Totally made of WIN!

  11. I really wish our Walgreens would start adding these clinics. It would be so much more convenient that waiting for an appointment with the doctor, which is also outrageous.

    • I know! I spent almost 30 minutes on hold with my son’s ped the other day just to be told that a nurse would call me back. Then she called me back at 3:30 (my original call to them was at 8:30) that day to say that all the appointments were taken and we would have to wait until the next day. This happens every single time one of my kids get sick during the night.

  12. We actually have a Walgreens being built by us right now, I am excited to have their clinic close by.

  13. The clinics like these are so convenient when you cant make an appt, and you cant wait HOURS at the “immediate” places.

  14. Our Walgreen’s is really old and they barely have anything these, I really wish our Walgreens had this.

  15. We have used Walgreens for quite a few health things! Its a great store.

  16. Ashley - Embracing Beauty says:

    I’m not sure if our Walgreens has this or not. Hmm. I’ll have to check!

  17. Our Walgreens HealthCare clinic is so nice and super clean. It is new, so I haven’t used it yet. Knock on wood, there hasn’t been a need. But next time I suspect strep, that’s where I am headed.

  18. We’ve been to Walgreens for ear aches and sports physicals. They are definitely a time saver!

  19. We have a Walgreens clinic a block away &it’s helped me out quite a few times! I have asthma so when I get sick it can get serious- I always get seen much faster at Walgreens than my “real” doctor!

  20. I am SO thankful I had girls LOL We *knock on wood* have only had to go to the ER twice in nearly 15 years – I think thats a pretty good record lol

    • I know half the nurses at the E.R. with my younger son’s immune deficiency and my older son’s habit of breaking bones.

  21. I can only imagine how much less stressed I would be waiting things out if I could just pop into a Healthcare Clinic and get peace of mind. #client

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