Staying Smooth with Gillette this Summer #SmoothSummer

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Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SmoothSummer #CollectiveBias My husband has always had a bit of a scruff problem.  When we met he was young and had that patchy facial hair look.  Then we got older and he started trying for a full beard.  I am ok with a full beard and clean shaven but nothing in between.  I hate the scruff.  My husband is probably the most awesome person I know.  He works two jobs from 7ish in the morning until 10ish at night.  He comes home and … [Read more...]

Snack Time for the Picky Kid with Del Monte #SmartSnack #CBias


When I was a kid my mom used to have to make two or three dinners a night. I have three sisters and a picky, diabetic father so she had her hands full.  However, lunch was whatever we could scrounge up on our own. It usually ended up being a sandwich.  It is the complete opposite now that I have kids. They will eat what I cook for dinner or they don't get anything.  Ok, sometimes I give in and let them have a snack but that's rare. I usually try to deal with the picky-ness at lunch.  Both kids like different things so I have to work around that and … [Read more...]

Saying Thank You and Donating with Elmer’s #BagitForward


School is back in session for public schools here in Alabama and it has been crazy in the stores! My mother and I usually start the school supply shopping as soon as the sales start and we continue all summer. I know that sounds crazy but we usually get everything we need for our own kids for less than $10 to $20 including bookbags so why keep going? We have a huge stockpile of school supplies that we give to members of our family and we donate to our community at the end of the summer and we start again the next year. This year I am super excited … [Read more...]

Date Night with The Three Stooges #CouchCritics #CBias

Before I had Baby E, I had plenty of people who could babysit for me because Little M was so much older. He could go to all the grandparents houses, he could go to a friend's house, he even occasionally (very occasionally) goes to his biofathers's house.  However, now that I have an almost two year old, Big E and I haven't had very many chances to go out. The few times we have went out, we have invited my parents over and we have went out to dinner while they stayed home at our house with the kids or we have done the same with my sister.  I don't … [Read more...]

Saving Money with Walgreens Prescription Savings Club #Rxsavingsclub

I haven't always been blessed with insurance.   When I turned 18 and went to college, my father's insurance would not cover me any longer so I had to go to the health dept. Luckily I only made $600 a month (work study) so I qualified for sliding scale payments.  Now I have insurance through my work but I still have to pay quite a bit for prescriptions.  In fact, I pay more for my prescriptions now through insurance than I did when I didn't have any and paid out of pocket at the health dept.  Being a frugal person, it kills me the amount I pay each … [Read more...]

Spreading Cheer (& Lemon Pound Cake) with #EqualSucralose #CBias

I recently posted about a great product that I found through a #CBias experience, #EqualSucralose! I baked some delicious chocolate chip cookies with it. I was asked again to shop for the brand new Equal Sucralose canisters. I already have two of the canisters at my house because of my last shop so I was excited to go get more. I love the fact that it comes in a canister. It makes it so much better than Splenda which comes in a bag. They are even the same size so you arent losing anything. Equal was cheaper at my store as well. Plus, I like the … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Cookies With #EqualSucralose #cbias

I have been trying to bring my family around to a more healthy lifestyle in the past few months. We stopped getting white bread and pasta and started using wheat or whole grain. We haven't been eating out as much and we are not drinking any soft drinks. So when I was told recently that Equal (you know those little packets near the coffee pot?) has a canister now, I had to check it out! I have seen the boxes of the little packets and we get those for coffee but I had no idea I could buy it in bulk to bake with. I searched on Equal's website for a … [Read more...]

Having a Blast With International Delight #IcedCoffee #CBias

Not too long ago, a blogging friend of mine was asked to send some International Delight Iced Coffee to a friend and amazingly, she choose me! That's how Angela with About A Mom became my husband's new best friend overnight. You can read her post on International Delight here. So not only does she enjoy sharing fun activities, family friendly recipes, and special things just for moms on her blog but she also is a great blogging mentor who has certainly helped this up and coming blogger out a few times. I was so happy when I saw the package on my … [Read more...]

Afternoon Snacks with Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches #CBias #TysonGoodness

As many of you know, we are currently in the middle of trying to refinance our house. It has been a long, long road so far. Having two cats and two kids has practically destroyed our house so we have been super cleaning for weeks now. Organizing boxes in the basement, repainting the porch, moving bookshelves and appliances to scrub baseboards, etc. You get the point. Hard, tiring stuff. Last week though my husband randomly turned to me in the middle of going through old baby clothes and suggested that we take the kids to the park. I was all for the … [Read more...]

Murphy USA Candy & Drinks After the Christmas Play & Laffy Taffy #Recipe #cbias #murphyusa

My son before his Christmas Musical. Isn't he sweet?At the end of the longest weekend ever, my son had his annual Christmas musical at church with his Scout friends. It was fun and cute. I love Christmas musicals and Christmas plays. My son actually had another Christmas play/choir performance on Friday night as well. So like I said, the longest weekend ever. I enjoy the fact that the kids can have fun as well as learning what the Christmas season is all about. Its nice to be able to dress up, chat with other parents, and watch what our kids have … [Read more...]