Making Milk More Delicious with MilkSplash


Do your kids enjoy milk? Like most children I know, my children are obsessed with milk.  My youngest son has always loved it and he always asks me every day if he can have some choc choc.  That is his word for chocolate milk.  He likes plain milk if we do not have chocolate syrup but he prefers choc choc.  Well, choc choc is FULL of sugar.  When I started trying to become more healthy I looked up the calories for the syrup and milk and it was over 300 calories for one cup of milk.  I told my husband that we had to cut back.  So when we were … [Read more...]

Well Beginnings Diapers and Wipes at Walgreens are a Hit!

Well Beginnings Diapers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings. #WellBeginnings As as newly minted stay at home mom (does 10 months count as newly minted), I am always on diaper duty.  My husband is rarely home while the kids are awake so he is lucky enough to get out of that chore.  Moriah is my third baby and after three I can tell you all there is to know about diapers.  My second child didn't potty train until he was three.  I have been through my fair share of brands, sizes, and shapes.  All three of my children were huge when they were … [Read more...]

Ten Great Gardening Products for your Little Gardener

Great gardening products for kids

Are you ready for some fun outdoors with your children? I love gardening with my boys.  They like to be outside and I like to teach them that they can create something special that they can care for themselves. The Ultimate Step-by-Step Kids' First Gardening Book   This exciting new book contains more than 150 projects suitable for every child from 5 to 12. An introduction covers all the basics, and eight hands-on project chapters then follow, covering everyday techniques, edible treats, flower power, craft projects, wildlife gardening … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways to Keep Kids Eating Healthy During the Winter Break


One of the biggest challenges people face during the holidays is eating healthy while still having fun and enjoying yourself, and this doesn't just apply to adults. Kids especially have a hard time this time of year staying on track with eating good, healthy foods. If you are worried about the types of food your children will be consuming during winter break, check out these tips on how to keep your kids eating right while still enjoying their break from school. Provide Healthy Snacks Hummus and carrots, whole grain crackers and cheese, … [Read more...]

Dots on Tots Organic Hat Review


As a Scout mom I have learned to pick my battles when it comes to protecting my older son outside.  When he was younger at camping events I would spend half the time asking him to zip his jacket, pull his hood up, wear his hat correctly, put his gloves back on, and so on and so forth.  Now that he is older it is to the point that if he has his shoes and jacket on I was like, eh, he will be fine.  Now that I have two little ones though the battle has started over.  I want to protect them from the rainy nasty winter weather in Alabama especially since … [Read more...]

Farming Simulator XBox 360 Video Game Review


Like many other people I used to play a farming simulator on Facebook. I could not get enough of it.  I was good at it.  My son always wanted to help. He wanted to plow the plots and plant.  What he liked the best though was the store.  He loves money in real life so I am not surprised.  That is why I was sure that he would love to play a game of his own without me having to let him on the computer all the time.  Farming Simulator is enriched with outstanding content and many new features, challenging you to take on the role of a modern day farmer.  … [Read more...]

Things to do with old toys after Christmas

Once the holidays have passed, we’re often faced with the problem of toys all over the house.  There are only so many places to put them and most of the old ones are neglected anyway after the new ones come.  Here’s what to do to make your house look less like Santa’s workshop and more like your home. The first (and hardest) part is sorting through them.  It’s easiest to gather all of them together into a huge pile and then sort into four smaller piles: dump, keep, donate, and sell. Go through the puzzles and make sure all of the pieces are … [Read more...]

Having Fun with our Massbricks Review


My three year old's new favorite word is 'hastle'.  That is castle with a h in case you werent sure. He loves building things.  Luckily we are a family of builders. My older son will patiently sit with him and build domino towers and then crash them down! He thinks he is hilarious.  We were sent a 31 piece set of Massbricks recently and my boys are in love.  These blocks were supposed to be for my younger son but my 11 year old wants them.  Even my 5 year old cousin (pictured below) wanted to take them home with him. The blocks are large which … [Read more...]