Disneynature’s MONKEY KINGDOM Family Activity Packet and Educators Guide #MonkeyKingdom

Monkey Kingdom, Disney

Since Disneynature's Monkey Kingdom is releasing in less than a month on April 17th, I wanted to share this cute family activity pack and educators guide! You can also check out a featurette video right above where you can download the activity packs and educators guide. "Life is an adventure for Maya, the clever and resourceful blonde-bobbed monkey in “Monkey Kingdom,” Disneynature’s new feature film set among ancient ruins in the storied jungles of South Asia. Maya’s world is forever changed when she welcomes her son, Kip, into her complicated … [Read more...]

Reader Bee’s First Storymaker App and Reader Bee and the Story Tree


I was given the opportunity to use and evaluate the iPad apps 'Reader Bee and the Story Tree' and 'Reader Bee's First Story Maker'. I was supplied the apps for free; all opinions are my own. I'm a big big believer in phonics, and in teaching reading phonetically. It's important to learn the letter shapes, names and sounds and then learn how to string them together to make a word. Decoding the sounds in each letter are the crux of reading, and Reader Bee and the Story Tree focuses on this very thing- learning letter sounds and how they fit … [Read more...]

Rock N’ Learn 10 DVD Preschool Set Giveaway

Rock n Learn 10 DVD Preschool Set Giveaway! Disclosure: This giveaway for a Preschool 10 DVD set will run from November 26-December 7 at 11:59pm EST. You must be 18+ to enter and a resident of the US. Good luck and thank you for being a reader of What U Talking Bout Willis? Winner will have 48 hours to respond, if no response the initial winner will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be picked. I am excited to offer this giveaway for 1 Rock n Learn 10 DVD Preschool set. You can read What U Talking Bout Willis' review here. With the holidays … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Preschool with Disney Junior

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Disclosure:  This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias #Ready4Preschool You would think that since I have a preteen now that I would be used to the sad feeling that my child is old enough for preschool.  I just cant believe it has been that long.  I wont say that we havent been looking forward to this though.  My middle child has a late birthday so he wont get to go to Kindergarten for THREE MORE YEARS! Isn't that silly? So I signed him up for 3k preschool this year.  … [Read more...]

Preparing for Kindergarten with EmbarK12

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of K12, the leader in online education for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I have a huge age gap in my children. My second child was born 8 years and 5 months after my first one.  So I have already went through almost everything.  I know I am more prepared this time around.  I sent my first son to preschool at 3. It was a three day a week, 4 hour a day program and he loved it.  I also tried to work with him at home but there werent as many help options as there are today. I am happy there … [Read more...]

Making Christmas More Musical with Music & Arts


There is nothing like enjoying the sounds of your child playing on their very first instrument. My oldest son has always been very musically inclined. He sings all day long, he is always dancing, and he is forever tapping out beats on random objects. He told me that he wants to be a singer when he grows up. I always wanted that as well and even though it changed as I got older, the gist was the same. Country singer & a vet, spice girl & a vet, death metal singer & a vet. I think you see where I am going with this. I would apologize for … [Read more...]

Rent Textbooks with Campus Book Rentals


I know I always complain about being SOOOO old but really I am younger than I care to admit.  I am old enough to have three kids, a house, a career, and a husband but not old enough to be free of my student loans.  I have three college degrees so I really brought it on myself but still.  I went to a private collage so even though I was super poor (like super poor making $600 a month poor) my grants only covered part of my tuition and my small scholarships still didn't met it all.  So every semester I had to take out a loan to afford my books because … [Read more...]

Divorce Rates in the U.S.

I have always been very open with my children about the big topics and since my husband and I are always listening to NPR and watching the news, I know my older son knows pretty much what is going on with the world.  He asks us lots of questions.  We heard a great piece on NPR the other day about an 11 or 12 year old and his feelings on his parent's divorce.  It was enlightening to hear what a child that age thought of something as big as divorce.  So my son (who is 11) asked me why I got divorced from his dad.  I was never married to his dad who is … [Read more...]

Raising Frugal Kids


Raising Frugal Kids Children are rarely involved in the day to day decisions of their family’s financial picture but constantly want things that cost money. There should be a better step by step guide to raising frugal kids but here are some tips. Why shouldn’t kids learn the value of money by helping the family budget their money or pay bills? Wouldn’t teaching financial responsibility early in life help children grow up to be financially independent and capable of managing money? When my children were younger they would always ask if they could … [Read more...]

Finger Food Ideas for Sensory Tables for Toddlers


Finger Food Ideas for Sensory Tables for Toddlers Sensory tables are a great way to help your little ones explore new things and food adds excitement to the activity. At this age kids love exploring new foods and aren’t picky eaters as they haven’t developed their need for independence nor have they had a lot of experience with food choices. It’s a great time to introduce new foods and luck will have it that they are less likely to resist new foods given to them at this age. Introducing healthy foods now will plant the seeds of good eating … [Read more...]