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This post was sponsored by Global Influence. As always, all opinions are my own. "Get out of the way!!!" "NOOOOOO!" "Send him in, not that guy. He is a bozo"  "GOOOOOO USA!!!!" Yeah, those are some of the things you are probably hearing around your house during the World Cup matches.  I went to lunch the other day at a local Mexican restaurant when Brazil was playing Chile.  It was bad.  Most of the restaurant was heavily invested in one side or another and when someone got close to scoring or when they scored you could definitely tell.  Strangely, … [Read more...]

Park Playdate at Veterans Park for the Win


I have been so busy this summer.  I am sure I have mentioned that when we moved five years ago that we moved almost an hour from all of our friends and family.  So all summer I have been driving back and forth from my mom's house or my grandmother's house.  This week I have gotten gas three times at $65 each time.  In ONE week.  I have been picking up teenagers and driving my mom to her appointments and doing lots of coupon shopping.  I am tired.  I am glad that I have a great park that is sort of nearby so that we can decompress and get rid of the … [Read more...]

Fun in Birmingham with Camp Spark


The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Camp Spark. It is almost summer and my kids are already acting like they have too much energy to burn. They are running around the house like its a football field. I know it is only going to get worse.  Kids need something to occupy their mind and bodies. I make a list at the beginning of each summer for my kids and we try to make it through the list by the end.  They feel like its an adventure trying to fit all the cool trips and activities in. One of the things my older son always … [Read more...]

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Pouches – Organic Fun On the Go!


“I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Stonyfield. I received coupons to facilitate my shopping trip and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”Like most parents I live in a whirlwind of activities. I never manage to get anything done on time because every single time I schedule myself some time to work it is also time for a doctors appointment or a visit to the orthodontist (who steals all my money) or even an impromptu visit to Mawmaw because she wants to see us and I am entirely too dependent on … [Read more...]

The Top 4 Times I Needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

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I am a member of the CollectiveBias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. #HealthcareClinic I always knew growing up that I would be the mother of boys. I hoped so much because I knew I could not deal with girls. I barely brush my hair, I knew I couldnt teach my daughter how to do anything with hers. Or how to dress in a way that doesn't look like you possibly never learned your colors in school.  I knew I could put those classes on my husband … [Read more...]

Learning About Family With Hallmark’s SpiritClips


This past week I found out about a great new service called SpiritClips.  Since coming to work at home I am totally guilty of giving my toddler my phone so that I can finish a phone call with a sponsor or give the baby a bath.  He knows how to change the program though and sometimes ends up on things he shouldn't.  I was happy to find out about SpiritClips which is a subscription streaming video service where you’ll have access to great family-friendly content including full length feature movies as well as original short films.  I love this new … [Read more...]

Holiday Traditions are Meant to Shared


When I was a child we were very poor in everything except family.  I have a ton of family. When I tell people we were poor they never really get how poor so I will just say that it was bad.  My mom used to try to set aside a little bit each week to buy a gift all year long so that my three sisters and I could have a Christmas.  Obviously we never got much but she tried her very best.  Despite the fact that we never had much, I always loved the holidays.  They are still my favorite time of the year except now its because I get to gorge myself on … [Read more...]

We Found a Cheap Wireless Plan We Can Stick With

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It has been a hectic month for us.  It seems like any month that we are low on money EVERYTHING happens.  My husband and I both had to get two new tires and the week after getting new tires I picked up a nail in one of my old ones.  We had to make a big payment on my son's braces because he had so many breakages (we paid for the whole package up front but all breakages after 5 cost more). My Scout had two big campouts and then we had to buy out his instrument contract because he hated the alto sax.  It was definitely pouring in my house.  So when it … [Read more...]

NCAA Football & Rite Aid Score at My House


My family have always been big football people.  Especially NCAA Football.  More especially Alabama. I remember being super tiny like 6 months old and my Aunt Louise buying me an Auburn dress (obviously I do not remember this but my family talks about it and I have pictures). My father got so mad.  She bought me a cute Alabama jacket to go with it but he still 'misplaced' it the first time I wore it home from my grandmother's house. Alabama is a football state. I have rarely ever met someone who didnt follow college football and didnt have a team … [Read more...]

Five Reasons You Should Consider Camping for Summer Vacation


Five Reasons You Should Consider Camping for Summer Vacation   Camping used to be the most popular thing going years ago. Now that we are literally plugged in to society everywhere we go, people scoff at the idea of climbing into a tent and spending time with the family. Friends, you don't know what you are missing. My mom takes our kids camping every other weekend during the summer and fall.  Here are five good reasons you should consider camping for your next summer vacation.   Modern campgrounds   These days, you … [Read more...]