6 Grooming Items Your Man Will Definitely Use


We normally hear a lot of women complain about buying stuff for their man. Will I buy him a new pair of socks? A pair of cute printed boxers? How about a fountain pen? See this man below here?  Pickiest dad ever. Sometimes, we just forget that discount colognes, basic shaving cream and other fundamental grooming aids are just what your man needs. Women like to experiment and think about gift items which their man doesn’t have yet. . But think about this: maybe he hasn’t had that yet because he doesn’t need it. The key to giving your man … [Read more...]

It’s Evening Wear Time and I Have Nothing to Wear!


I am going on a cruise in two weeks and I have nothing to wear. I do not know what I need.  I am lost.  I have a friend helping me next week to pick out some swimsuits and small accesories but I just realized that one of the nights on the ship is a formal night! What in the world do you wear to a formal night? I have never been to one.  I have been to parties that I was required to wear a dress but it was never 'formal'.  I was told that I should get a little black dress and add some accessories and nice shoes. So I was searching on … [Read more...]

Wearing Vibrant Colors with Mission Clothing


I havent bought myself anything in like a hundred years. At this point, I own maybe four shirts that I cycle through each week and maybe three pairs of pants.  Ok, I own a ton more but I hardly ever wear them now that I have had my daughter.  Its a weight thing. I did receive a great new shirt recently that my husband says looks amazing on me.  Besides my own, his opinion is the only one that matters so I am happy he likes it.  It is from Mission Clothing and is a multicolored long sleeve shirt with an eyelid neck.  They have a great selection of … [Read more...]

Dots on Tots Organic Hat Review


As a Scout mom I have learned to pick my battles when it comes to protecting my older son outside.  When he was younger at camping events I would spend half the time asking him to zip his jacket, pull his hood up, wear his hat correctly, put his gloves back on, and so on and so forth.  Now that he is older it is to the point that if he has his shoes and jacket on I was like, eh, he will be fine.  Now that I have two little ones though the battle has started over.  I want to protect them from the rainy nasty winter weather in Alabama especially since … [Read more...]

Being Unique with X by Trollbeads


Since I was just complaining that I never get anything lovely for myself I was pleasantly surpised to be able to review a beautiful bracelet from renowned Danish jewelers Trollbeads. They recently launched a new line, X by Trollbeads, that features high quality, customizable link charm bracelets perfect for anyone to build onto through the years.  There are so many awesome charms to choose from that I was stumped.  I loved them all.  The three charms in the picture below are the charms that are on my bracelet. All beautiful and well made and they … [Read more...]

Dog is Good Fashion

The first thing I need to say about this awesome shirt is that I am beyond sad that it was too tight for me across my chest.  My husband was appreciative but I didn't want to scare anyone so I let my niece have it which means both of my nieces that live with my mom own it now.  It is from Dog is Good which is a Southern California-based lifestyle company.  It was founded by dog lovers and they have amazing products that really reflect a brand that loves dogs. They don't just make awesome shirts though. They also have a huge assortment of items in … [Read more...]

C. Wonder Shopping Event Birmingham, AL #UnWrapWonder


I’m hosting a holiday shopping event at C Wonder at the Summit in Birmingham, AL.  So if you love clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other great items, you should come out to my C. Wonder shopping event 214 Summit Blvd. Space #400 Birmingham, AL 35243, AL United States It will be held on December 12, 2013 between the hours of 6-8pm. The evening will be all about experiencing the C Wonder store! It is pretty new so you may have not seen it yet but I want you to come out and enjoy yourself. You will receive a 30% discount at the event. C … [Read more...]

Dressing Up for the Good Times with Dress First

dress first

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dress First. As always, all opinions are my own and I truly love the beautiful dresses they have for sale. I have never been very 'girly'. I never got that class from my mom on how to do makeup or wear my hair in cute ways.  Honestly, it is a good day when I brush my hair before I leave the house.  I rely heavily on my clothes to get me through dress up situations.  I know that my makeups a mess and I am wearing the wrong color shoes but at least I have a pretty outfit on.  Wearing something beautiful really … [Read more...]

Sleeping Well with our Minky Couture Blanket


If you have children, I'm sure that at least one of them has a "lovey," whether it be a blanket, stuffed animal, or some other well loved toy, that they carry around with them, day after day, and they refuse to let you wash them, or even take them away without some sort of tantrum.  My 11 year old had a stuffed bear. He loved that bear and called it Pokey. It is still on his bed and has lost all of his stuffing because of how often my son slept with it and played with it. If you haven't found your children's "lovey," I think I may have found … [Read more...]

Breaking in Summer Styles with Tree Hut

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tree Hut for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. It is summer and that means more heat.  That always means more skin showing so you need to make sure your skin is looking great! I always worry about how my feet look in the summer because of wearing flip flops and being outside more with the kids.  I also worry about my hands because of swimming pools and doing harder workouts drying them out. Tree Hut Hand & Foot Care products are developed to keep hands and feet feeling smooth and … [Read more...]