Making Milk More Delicious with MilkSplash


Do your kids enjoy milk? Like most children I know, my children are obsessed with milk.  My youngest son has always loved it and he always asks me every day if he can have some choc choc.  That is his word for chocolate milk.  He likes plain milk if we do not have chocolate syrup but he prefers choc choc.  Well, choc choc is FULL of sugar.  When I started trying to become more healthy I looked up the calories for the syrup and milk and it was over 300 calories for one cup of milk.  I told my husband that we had to cut back.  So when we were … [Read more...]

Tips for Clean Eating

clean living

Tips for Clean Eating This is what I want to do.  This is what I will try to do. I have always heard of clean eating but never attempted it because it sounded hard.  Starting today I am working on doing this in my household. It is time to get back to nature. It is time for transition from stuffing you up with toxin filled “junk” food to what nature offers us it its cleanest healthiest forms. It is time to come back to nature’s fold. Move away from a diet high in processed, packaged and fast food which are void of nutrients that the body needs … [Read more...]

My Favorite Kitchen Shortcut & Ronco Pot-Sized Pasta


I am a lazy person at heart.  At mind.  Basically how ever you can be lazy.  I want things to be as quick as they can be and still be perfect.  I also like to not make a big mess.  So kitchen shortcuts are me through and through.  I really dont know which one is my favorite.  Using my splatter guard as a quick strainer, freezing the couple of herbs I can keep alive in butter so they are fresh when I use them, making cheese toast for breakfast by turning my toaster on my side, and a few more I couldnt live without. Ronco Pot-Sized Pasta Ronco … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways to Keep Kids Eating Healthy During the Winter Break


One of the biggest challenges people face during the holidays is eating healthy while still having fun and enjoying yourself, and this doesn't just apply to adults. Kids especially have a hard time this time of year staying on track with eating good, healthy foods. If you are worried about the types of food your children will be consuming during winter break, check out these tips on how to keep your kids eating right while still enjoying their break from school. Provide Healthy Snacks Hummus and carrots, whole grain crackers and cheese, … [Read more...]

PROBAR BOLT Organic Energy Chews Review & Giveaway


Do you know how hard it is to find good clean energy these days? I am not talking about nuclear and coal versus wind and water energy, I am talking about good clean body energy. I am sure every one has tried the -hour energy and the so called energy pills only to end up with several hours of nervous stomach flutters, fried nerves then the headache and bottomless crash at the end of the day. I have a weak system so energy stuff always made me seriously yucko sick until I tried these cool gummy chews from PROBAR. Bolt is easy-to-digest energy … [Read more...]

VinoVinti & A Wine Night In

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of VinoVinti for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I am beginning to try to expand my palate with different recipes and exotic ingredients.  One of the things I have been wanting to work on is my wine experience.  I never know what wine pairs with dinner.  My father has always been a fan of red wines while my mother is more of a white fan.  My husband and I don't really know yet.  We have always wanted to go to wine tastings and find out exactly what types of wine we are missing out on. My … [Read more...]

Discover a Great Taste from Seattle’s Best Coffee

seattle's best coffee #greattaste

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Seattle’s Best Coffee blogging program. As always, all opinions are my own and I think coffee is a staple of life. I watched a documentary once on sensory memory.  My favorite part was how people connect smells to different memories in your life.  Great smelling coffee beans do that for me.  I think of my aunt. She was a coffee connoisseur and she knew how to pick out from smell what coffee would have a great taste.  I like to think that I have that ability because every time I smell a bag of Seattle's … [Read more...]

First Foods for Baby


First Foods for 6 Month Olds  The first 4-6 months of a baby’s life is called their perceptual developmental stage, this is when a baby is developing all of their primary senses: vision, hearing, touch and tastes are all being developed during the first 6 months of life at rapid speed. With sense of taste and touch now greatly developed it’s the perfect time to experiment with new foods while establishing the fundamentals of healthy food choices. The first thing you may be wondering is how much food should a child this age be eating and in what … [Read more...]