Bleacher Creatures brought the Blackhawks home to me!


  Do you have a team that you simply adore? That's probably not the right word for being a totally, completely obsessed fan but I like it. Just like I like the Blackhawks. With every fiber of my being. I love the Chicago Blackhawks. I watch games as often as I can. I agonize over the NHL stats page. I share posts from the Blackhawks Fan Ambassador program. I glare at my husband when the Bruins are winning since we are a house divided. So when I was offered a review of my very own Jonathan Toews plush from Bleacher Creatures I jumped at … [Read more...]

Minecraft Story Mode: A Telltale Games Series – Season Pass Disc NOW In Stores! #StoryMode


Minecraft: Story Mode: A Telltale Games Series – Season Pass Disc NOW In Stores! This special Season Pass Disc contains the premiere episode ‘The Order of the Stone’ and will grant access to the subsequent four episodes via downloaded updates as soon as they become available. My kids love Minecraft and I am sure yours do as well. Its a great game and this is a wonderful new edition! Ratged E10+ for Fantasy Violence, Mild Language. Available on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and available to download on iOS/Android and is coming soon to Wii … [Read more...]

NEW Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toys Available NOW!


STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS arrives in theaters everywhere on December 18th! Today, merchandise inspired by the highly anticipated new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens launched at retailers around the globe as ‘Force Friday’ officially got underway. Hot off the heels of the 18+ hour global live unboxing event on YouTube where highlights of the new product range were officially unveiled, the celebration continued as more than 3,000 retail locations in the U.S. opened their doors at midnight for fans to be among the first to discover new Star … [Read more...]

Wearing Vibrant Colors with Mission Clothing


I havent bought myself anything in like a hundred years. At this point, I own maybe four shirts that I cycle through each week and maybe three pairs of pants.  Ok, I own a ton more but I hardly ever wear them now that I have had my daughter.  Its a weight thing. I did receive a great new shirt recently that my husband says looks amazing on me.  Besides my own, his opinion is the only one that matters so I am happy he likes it.  It is from Mission Clothing and is a multicolored long sleeve shirt with an eyelid neck.  They have a great selection of … [Read more...]

Dots on Tots Organic Hat Review


As a Scout mom I have learned to pick my battles when it comes to protecting my older son outside.  When he was younger at camping events I would spend half the time asking him to zip his jacket, pull his hood up, wear his hat correctly, put his gloves back on, and so on and so forth.  Now that he is older it is to the point that if he has his shoes and jacket on I was like, eh, he will be fine.  Now that I have two little ones though the battle has started over.  I want to protect them from the rainy nasty winter weather in Alabama especially since … [Read more...]

Farming Simulator XBox 360 Video Game Review


Like many other people I used to play a farming simulator on Facebook. I could not get enough of it.  I was good at it.  My son always wanted to help. He wanted to plow the plots and plant.  What he liked the best though was the store.  He loves money in real life so I am not surprised.  That is why I was sure that he would love to play a game of his own without me having to let him on the computer all the time.  Farming Simulator is enriched with outstanding content and many new features, challenging you to take on the role of a modern day farmer.  … [Read more...]

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas


This holiday season I have a great list of items that would be perfect for stocking stuffers! Definitely the gift for someone who has kids.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been out and my kids have touched (or licked) something absolutely horrible.  My son once grabbed the toilet seat at a truck stop restroom with both hands and then turned around and said look its biting my butt and sat on the rim while closing the seat on his 'butt' which was really his back.  I was horrified.  I may have thrown up a little.  I wish I had some of these … [Read more...]

Making Christmas More Musical with Music & Arts


There is nothing like enjoying the sounds of your child playing on their very first instrument. My oldest son has always been very musically inclined. He sings all day long, he is always dancing, and he is forever tapping out beats on random objects. He told me that he wants to be a singer when he grows up. I always wanted that as well and even though it changed as I got older, the gist was the same. Country singer & a vet, spice girl & a vet, death metal singer & a vet. I think you see where I am going with this. I would apologize for … [Read more...]

Moriche Palm Brazilian Diet Holiday Gift For You

Traditionally women in Brazil refer to the exotic Moriche Palm Fruit as the “curvy fruit” because of its superior weight loss and unique figure enhancing benefits. The Moriche Palm™ Brazilian Diet Herbal Supplements ($59.99) utilizes the main nutrient found in the fruit and combine it with the nutrients found in super Acai Berry, Jamaican Plantains, and Alfalfa Leaf.  I think it sounds like a better way to diet than with tons of chemicals because it is 100% natural – stimulant and caffeine free.  According to the website, it transforms the body … [Read more...]

PROBAR BOLT Organic Energy Chews Review & Giveaway


Do you know how hard it is to find good clean energy these days? I am not talking about nuclear and coal versus wind and water energy, I am talking about good clean body energy. I am sure every one has tried the -hour energy and the so called energy pills only to end up with several hours of nervous stomach flutters, fried nerves then the headache and bottomless crash at the end of the day. I have a weak system so energy stuff always made me seriously yucko sick until I tried these cool gummy chews from PROBAR. Bolt is easy-to-digest energy … [Read more...]