Jazzing It Up with Brandcation AGAIN #SeastheDay

It is raining and like 40 degrees outside. I dont think Spring is coming to Alabama. I think I may have to break out the galoshes and trench coats soon and it is MARCH. I dont have to worry for long though because I am going on  a cruise! A #blogcruise with my Brandcation ladies.  40 bloggers breaking out their summer wear on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Cozumel, Mexico.  I have never been to Mexico so I am beyond excited.  I am going to #SeastheDay. It will be my second trip out of the country and the best part is that I have all my blogging friends … [Read more...]

Master Lock “Protecting All That You Love and Care About” Sweepstakes

ML_Love Sweeps

Being from Alabama I do not really have much experience with snow. We barely get flurries once or twice a year. Two weeks ago we had a snowapocalypse because of a snowstorm with a couple inches of snow. That's just to give you perspective. The day my house burned down we had over 12 inches of snow right after a couple of days of tornadoes. My house burned to the ground during the snowstorm of 1993 which is widely known as the 'storm of the century'. The snow was so heavy on our roof that it fell through and caused the heating system to collapse … [Read more...]

Things to do with old toys after Christmas

Once the holidays have passed, we’re often faced with the problem of toys all over the house.  There are only so many places to put them and most of the old ones are neglected anyway after the new ones come.  Here’s what to do to make your house look less like Santa’s workshop and more like your home. The first (and hardest) part is sorting through them.  It’s easiest to gather all of them together into a huge pile and then sort into four smaller piles: dump, keep, donate, and sell. Go through the puzzles and make sure all of the pieces are … [Read more...]

Moving On Up Into a New Home


I feel like I owe my realtor an apology. I swear that he told me a hundred times that most people do not stay in their first house. I kept telling him I did not care so much about resell value and that I cared more about the durability of the home.  I knew that I was having more kids eventually and I wanted it to be able to withstand the force of many cats and kids.  I did not want a garden home like many of our friends got as their first home.  My husband coasted through houses on Zillow all the time looking for the biggest and best we could … [Read more...]

Happy National Coming Out Day


I am probably the very worse at giving talks to my son.  I am too blunt.  I am just so frank about everything.  I am shy as heck but anything I really want I just say it.  Like when I see a person who is cute I want to tell them that they are cute.  Our society is too oversexualized for that though.  People will (and have) assume that I am coming on to them.  I remember when I worked at the college that one of the girls I worked with actually told our boss that I hit on her because I told her I thought she was lovely in her dress.   I was pissed.  … [Read more...]

Gaming My Heart Away


After all these years and after three kids I can honestly say that I have no patience and I cant stand to be bored. I handle boredom very badly. I don't know when to tell my body to stop. I spend a lot of my day breastfeeding so I am stuck very often. When I had my first son I had homework and projects to distract me. Things were different with my second son.  I had just graduated the December before I had my son in Sept 2013 and I was off work for the first time in my adult life on maternity leave. I was going out of my mind with boredom being home … [Read more...]

Gotta Protect the Monies with Income Protection Insurance

income insurance

I think if you ask anyone what makes the world go round they will say something sappy.  They are wrong. It is money.  Sometimes I wish that wasn't true but I cant change that.  I grew up super poor and it only got worse. Like one whole winter all we had to eat was potatoes and we couldn't afford heat so we had fires in the fireplace every night kind of poor. My dad and I both got really sick with bronchitis that just would not go away.  It turned out to be asthma.  Imagine finding out you had asthma at 40.  Well, after treatments and carrying around … [Read more...]

Funniest Moments of Demise in The Simpsons


I am going to come across as sounding old but when I was a kid we didn't have cable.  We only had a few channels and this mammoth of a tv. It had felt panels on the sides of it and no joke bunny ear antenna.  We used to eat dinner in the living room on this great coffee table that was round and had to weigh like a ton.  The only show that was worth watching back then at night was the Simpsons. We used to laugh like crazy at the antics of Bart and Lisa and like most kids we thought it was hilarious when the characters got hurt or 'killed'.  There … [Read more...]