Celebrating the Fall Holidays with Tiny Prints


The fall season is finally here. This is most definitely my favorite season of the year. The thing I love most about the fall is the fact that no matter where you are, its perfect picture weather. I read a quote on Facebook that I cant quite remember but I think it said, October is for photographers like April is for weddings. I completely agree. Fall is the best time to get your fall holiday photos out to family and Tiny Prints can help you with whatever holiday photos you may need! They have a huge selection of options for you to make your … [Read more...]

Where Did My Baby Go? – Not So Wordless Wednesday

For this not so wordless wednesday, I just want to say that I cannot believe I have a 5th grader. I remember the night he was born, 4/28/02 at 7:03 pm. He was 8 lbs, 8 oz. 21.5 in long and had hair so blonde it was pretty much see through. People thought he was bald forever. You could see the dimples in both cheeks as soon as he was born and eyes as blue as the sky. He also latched on like a champ and ate for 30 minutes for his first feeding before they took him and gave him a bath and all the stuff they do at the nursery. His first word was 'bite' … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day to an Amazing Dad!

Even though I have been married for quite some time and out of my parents house for even longer, I will never let them go. They come over every other weekend and I see them every single Sunday at my grandmother's house for Sunday supper.  Growing up I always thought my dad was the greatest. He got up at 4 am and went to work and sometimes didn't get home till 7 or 8 at night. He worked on cars on the weekends, coached my sisters in football and softball (I never played anything), sang to us in the car on trips, and always loved us with everything he … [Read more...]

Sometime You Just Want to See an Amazing Photo -Wordless Wednesday

Disclaimer: I have no idea where my husband got this photo from. I looked and its been on our computer for over 7 years. … [Read more...]

Sexy Men Icons – Pinterest

This weeks Pretty on Pinterest Link up is 'Favorite Icons'. So I am going to link up two men I think deserve WAY more recognition for being cute, talented, and amazing. Castiel -Misha Collins Source: ca.images.search.yahoo.com via Kat on Pinterest Source: google.com via Kat on Pinterest Source: soulfisting.tumblr.com via Kat on Pinterest Source: soulfisting.tumblr.com via Kat on Pinterest Christian Kane Source: images.search.yahoo.com via Kat on Pinterest Source: christiankane.com via Kat on … [Read more...]

Sometimes You Just Need to Look at Something Beautiful -Pinterest

Ever have one of those days when you are feeling bleh? Same here. So since I dont want to gain too many pounds by eating ice cream, I like to look at gorgeous stars and think about how I either want to look like that one day or have a secret one night tryst with them (sigh, I just know someone is going to preach monogamy at me so I will let you know I have never and will never cheat on anyone especially not my loving, attractive, wondeful husband. It's called fantasy for a reason) Lets start with an old movie from a still attractive star (in my … [Read more...]

Hmm, Hmm Chocolate – Pinterest

This week's Pretty on Pinterest topic is Chocolate. How could anyone go wrong with chocolate? Its so delicious!Here are some great recipes/pictures that I found on Pinterest involving chocolate.Source: darlingdoodles.blogspot.com via Kat on PinterestSource: pipandebby.com via Laurissa on PinterestSource: bettycrocker.com via Michelle on PinterestSource: fahrenheit350.blogspot.com via Lauren on PinterestSource: whatsgabycooking.com via Kat on PinterestSource: mybakingaddiction.com via Kat on Pinterest … [Read more...]

Cute Cat Quotes & Pictures

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Black and White Dresses #Fashion #pinterest

There are few things I love more than gorgeous dresses. Here are some my favs in black and white. You can never go wrong with simple black and white. Its elegant and lovely.  :) This list wouldnt be complete with a pic of my wedding gown standing next to my aunt who recently died. Source: Uploaded by user via Kat on Pinterest Source: google.com via Kat on Pinterest Source: google.com via Kat on Pinterest Source: reasonstobreathe.tumblr.com via Kat on Pinterest Source: suitingdresses.com via Kat on … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Winter – Pinterest

My favorite thing about winter is how beautiful it is. Winter is by far the prettiest of seasons. Of course, I hate freezing my butt off but I do love accessorizing. In the words of my friend Kendra, "Winter is the only time when a girl can fully accessorize!"  So here are some of my favorite pins from Pinterest featuring winter landscapes. pictures removed due to Pinterest links being deleted. … [Read more...]