Monster Pretzel Rods Recipe


I think everyone I know loves pretzels. They are what my kids ask for in the grocery store and what my friends ask for when we have parties. They are apparently the perfect snack while doing anything at all. Who knew? Salt lovers like me. I originally thought this recipe would be for Minions Pretzel Rods since I already have a recipe for Minions Pretzel Bark and Minions Fun Dip but I decided they looked like monsters instead. So here is a cute and easy Monster Pretzel Rods Recipe for your next party. Halloween is coming up (yes it totally is!) and I … [Read more...]

Minions Pretzel Bark Recipe

Minion Pretzel Bark 3-2

Everyone has been just crazy over the new Minions movie lately. I even posted a delicious Minions Fun Dip Recipe a few weeks ago in honor of it. Now I am back with more! I have been out of the office for awhile for family stuff but I wanted to share this yummy, fun, awesome Minions Pretzel Bark Recipe with everyone before summer was completely over. I know how much I love bark recipes. I have a round up of 15 Delectable Bark Recipes on my blog that I am going to have to add this new one to.  I hope this is something that everyone finds easy to make. … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday- Pesto and Pea Pasta Salad Recipe


Summer is paradoxically the worst season for me to cook. You’d think that the abundance of fresh vegetables and herbs would prove to be inspiring, but seriously, y’all. It’s too flipping hot. I exist on cereal, smoothies, and home-rolled avocado sushi with the occasional salad or PB&J sandwich thrown in. Nothing real exciting there- I like it because it’s dead simple and doesn’t really involve cooking; but the flip side is that it’s probably unbearably boring for me to blog about. Seriously I have eaten avocado rolls and smoothies like every day … [Read more...]

Minions Fun Dip Recipe #Minions


This is probably the cutest little dip recipe you could find for a party. I wish we could have done it for the Minions party we did last week with my son and his little friends. I think the recipe is super easy and something the kids could help with. Anything with Funfetti cake mix or sprinkles is going to be a blast and going over awesome with kids. I have a great Rainbow Cookie Recipe that uses sprinkles and my kids love it. My kids love the Minions movie and they want all the little characters especially Kevin. They adore Kevin. Even my 13 year … [Read more...]

Sweet Chili Ranch Pulled Chicken Recipe #FavRanchFlav


This post is brought to you by DataRank & Hidden Valley Ranch. #FavRanchFlav It's summer!!! Yay! And nothing says summer like a cookout especially a 4th of July cookout. My family usually does a huge get together. I am surprised our grills don't groan at the weight of that much meat. I like to personify our possessions apparently. I know that my grandmother cooks all day and that is something I want to keep doing for my family long after we lose her (she is going to live till 150!!!). I decided to try out a recipe today for my immediate … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday- Stovetop Pizza! No Baking Required!

stovetop pizza, meatless monday, vegan,

I love a meal that can be made in just one or two steps, that dirties a minimum of dishes, and that everyone in the family will LOVE. I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to cheat on my meal prep; something that will take something I know is good and make it just that much easier. So when I started seeing 'Ovenless Pizzas' floating around on the internet, well that really got my attention. And it turns out that they're pretty yummy, reaaaaaaly easy to cook, and you can make them any old way you choose and please your own … [Read more...]

Fruit Crisps in Jars Recipe


This is the most adorable recipe ever. I love recipes in little jars like this Blackberry Mini Cheesecake Recipe. Now I have a wonderful new recipe for you and it is Fruit Crisps in Jars! Cute, delicious, and kids love them! 1 jar of blueberry, raspberry or strawberry preserves (the awesome thing about this recipe? You can use ANY flavor you wish!) - I used blueberry for mine. 1/2 C. flour  1/2 C. rolled oats (not quick cooking) 1/3 C. packed brown sugar 1/4 C. butter, melted (5) 4 oz jelly jars   Directions -  #1. Preheat the oven … [Read more...]

Breakfast for Dinner – Pumpkin French Toast Casserole with Raspberry Syrup #MeatlessMonday


Sometimes the best dinner isn't dinner at all. It's breakfast. We have a long tradition at my house of breaking out the waffle iron, or the blender for smoothies, or throwing together a tofu scramble instead of something a little more traditionally dinner-like. Breakfast foods are the best foods, and as breakfast food enthusiasts none of us in my house feel obligated to limit those yummy yummy foods to just one measly meal a day. Right??? RIGHT. This French Toast Casserole is so simple and easy, and it's great for those first couple of weeks … [Read more...]

INSIDE OUT – Recipes, Activities, and Coloring Sheets #InsideOut


Five new Recipes (one for each emotion!) and tons of Family Activity Sheets inspired by Disney/Pixar’s INSIDE OUT including connect the dots, make a hexaflexagon, mazes, etc. are now available on this post RIGHT NOW! Since Inside Out will come out June 19th, you have a few weeks to enjoy these fun mazes, spot the difference activities, and coloring sheets. You can download the PDFS and print them out super easily! So check out the recipes first because there is one awesome recipe for each emotion and then check down below them for the coloring and … [Read more...]

Rainbow Cake Mix Cookies Recipe


Who doesn't love rainbows? Everyone loves them. So how about these delicious rainbow cake mix cookies? They are super easy to make and I know kids will be excited to see the sprinkles! I think its awesome how easy it is to make cookies with cake mix. Before a few years ago I had no idea that was even possible. Now my waist wishes I didnt know. Ingredients - 1 box of white cake mix, any brand 1 tbs. flour 1/2 C. vegetable oil 2 eggs 1 C. multi-colored sprinkles Directions - #1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and line a baking sheet with … [Read more...]