Easy Orange Pumpkin Halloween Craft Recipe

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I think everyone can tell its almost Halloween time. It is my favorite time of year beside the food holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. No judging.  What better time for an orange pumpkin Halloween craft than right now? I am seeing pumpkins everywhere these days so its nice to have some that are cute and edible. These are super simple to make and I know everyone will think they are adorable. If they don't eat them too quickly that is. This may be the easiest Halloween craft ever actually and it only requires two ingredients. And they both are … [Read more...]

Putting nutrition on your plate with Dreamfields Pasta – Creamy Tomato Sauce with Mushrooms and Artichokes over Linguine

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Being the person who holds all the parties and events in my family I am used to cooking for a lot of people. I think recipes with pasta fill people up and everyone goes home happy. Plus there are so many recipe combinations! Dreamfields Pasta offers many different pasta choices- spaghetti, lasagna, penne, linguine and more. All of them are delicious, and all varieties offer extra fiber and protein that you won't find in most other brands. I was recently given the chance to use and evaluate Dreamfields Pasta, although I'm no stranger to the brand. … [Read more...]

Having a Ghostly Time with Halloween Flipz #HalloweenFlipz


"I received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. You can join Smiley360 here! We got to party recently with Halloween Flipz at our house. I have to admit I nearly forgot about it. I was standing around assuming it was the 15th and it was really the 19th so I had to last minute invite people and get the stuff for hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and mini corndogs. Those are my go to items for parties and I knew the kids would love it. I found the Flipz in the candy aisle at the grocery store. If you have never seen … [Read more...]

Fall Owl Cupcakes Recipe

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  This is the cutest fall recipe I have seen lately. I love owls and I know they are probably the most adorable creatures of the night in my opinion. I think this Fall Owl Cupcakes Recipe is super adorable and super easy to make. And the ingredients are simple. I had most of the stuff in my house especially the buttercream frosting. You can click the link for a super easy buttercream frosting recipe.  And if you are not in the mood for cute this fall season, you can always check out this Spooky Buttercream Peanut Butter Cupcake … [Read more...]

Witches Broomsticks Recipe Craft

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Oh my goodness! It is almost Halloween and it is time for the Halloween crafts and recipes to start pouring in. I think September is both the slowest and the quickest month because everyone is waiting for October. This adorable Witch Broomsticks Craft Recipe will help you survive until its time for getting out the real broomsticks for Halloween decorations. Or your mode of transportation. No judging here. We are a no judgement zone. Either way these are adorable and I think kids will really enjoy making them. They are super easy to make and they can … [Read more...]

Chocolate Fire Shots Exclusive Drink Recipe

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Who doesn't like their chocolate with flames shooting all over the place? Okay, maybe this isn't necessarily so, but it sounds like fun? Alright, what we're really making is this the perfect Halloween shots if ever there was one. These Chocolate Fire Shots are devilishly fun and darn right delicious and that makes them really dangerous don't ya' think. But the really cool thing about them is they are really super easy peasy to make. Like 1, 2 and 3 easy. And they are great for parties and entertaining because who wouldn't like some chocolate fire? I … [Read more...]

Monster Pretzel Rods Recipe


I think everyone I know loves pretzels. They are what my kids ask for in the grocery store and what my friends ask for when we have parties. They are apparently the perfect snack while doing anything at all. Who knew? Salt lovers like me. I originally thought this recipe would be for Minions Pretzel Rods since I already have a recipe for Minions Pretzel Bark and Minions Fun Dip but I decided they looked like monsters instead. So here is a cute and easy Monster Pretzel Rods Recipe for your next party. Halloween is coming up (yes it totally is!) and I … [Read more...]

Minions Pretzel Bark Recipe

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Everyone has been just crazy over the new Minions movie lately. I even posted a delicious Minions Fun Dip Recipe a few weeks ago in honor of it. Now I am back with more! I have been out of the office for awhile for family stuff but I wanted to share this yummy, fun, awesome Minions Pretzel Bark Recipe with everyone before summer was completely over. I know how much I love bark recipes. I have a round up of 15 Delectable Bark Recipes on my blog that I am going to have to add this new one to.  I hope this is something that everyone finds easy to make. … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday- Pesto and Pea Pasta Salad Recipe


Summer is paradoxically the worst season for me to cook. You’d think that the abundance of fresh vegetables and herbs would prove to be inspiring, but seriously, y’all. It’s too flipping hot. I exist on cereal, smoothies, and home-rolled avocado sushi with the occasional salad or PB&J sandwich thrown in. Nothing real exciting there- I like it because it’s dead simple and doesn’t really involve cooking; but the flip side is that it’s probably unbearably boring for me to blog about. Seriously I have eaten avocado rolls and smoothies like every day … [Read more...]

Minions Fun Dip Recipe #Minions


This is probably the cutest little dip recipe you could find for a party. I wish we could have done it for the Minions party we did last week with my son and his little friends. I think the recipe is super easy and something the kids could help with. Anything with Funfetti cake mix or sprinkles is going to be a blast and going over awesome with kids. I have a great Rainbow Cookie Recipe that uses sprinkles and my kids love it. My kids love the Minions movie and they want all the little characters especially Kevin. They adore Kevin. Even my 13 year … [Read more...]