My Cinderella Moment at the JCPenney Glam Ball #JCPCinderellaMoment


I was invited on an expenses paid trip to LA by Disney to cover the #CinderellaEvent in exchange for my posts of the trip experiences. In addition, JCPenney provided hair, makeup, and accessories for the #JCPCinderellaMoment I think every person dreams of being able to be transformed and have someone wave a magic wand on you. On my recent #CinderellaEvent press trip I was invited to a Glam Ball put on by JCPenney. It was the chance of a lifetime. Not only would I be walking the red carpet but professionals would be putting on my makeup and doing … [Read more...]

Saving Money on the Mountain: Free Things to Do in Whistler, B.C.

Whistler, BC, Canadian travel, travel for free

Whistler, B.C. is a fantastic destination for vacations, but it can also be expensive if you want to enjoy as many activities as you can and see all of the attractions. If you would like to save some money, however, there are plenty of free things to do, and here are a few to keep in mind. 7-Eleven Fire and Ice Show If you are staying in Whistler any time up to March 29, 2015, you can go along to watch this exciting show, which is held every Sunday at 6:30 p.m. It is free to watch and everyone is welcome, and you will be able to watch the best … [Read more...]

Baby on Board: Family Friendly Fun in Mont-Tremblant Pedestrian Village

Mont-Tremblant Pedestrian Village, traveling with children, cheap travel activities, Canadian travel

  The Pedestrian Village in Mont-Tremblant is the center of the community and where you will spend much of your time when you are not skiing or off enjoying the surrounding area. This picturesque village is designed in a European style, and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. You will also find plenty of activities to do here for everyone in your family group down to the very youngest. Here is a selection to get you started. Playgrounds for the Kids You'll find two small playgrounds for the youngest kids, one in the village … [Read more...]

Going to the Ball with the #CinderellaEvent

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I have had a rough 2014. Two of my first cousins died, my husbands whole dept was laid off, my camera and my husband's laptops were stolen out of our cars, we had to get a new car because my husbands died a horrible death, we had to get a new dryer, my kids stayed sick, and my son re-broke his arm. I am sure I am leaving stuff out. It's been a bad year. 2015 is starting to look up though. I have been telling my husband that I feel like Cinderella. "Cinderelly, Cinderelly, Night and day it's Cinderelly. Make the fire, fix the breakfast. Wash the … [Read more...]

Spring Vacation: Money-Saving Ideas for Winter Weary Parents

Chaise lounge and umbrella on sand beach.

When you have a family, there is always plenty of planning ahead to do. By the time we see in the New Year, winter weary parents and kids will be dreaming of getting away for their much-needed spring break vacation. Before the snow even gets a chance to settle, here are some great ideas that won’t break the bank, so you can all get away in the spring and recharge those batteries ready for another term of school for the kids and getting back to work for you. Park City Skiing is quite simply a great way for a family to spend some time … [Read more...]

GoPro Cameras are the Perfect Gift Idea #GoProatBestBuy

GoPro Camera, Best Buy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.  #GoProatBestBuy I am not the best with electronics. I need one of those 'blank for Dummies' books for almost anything electronic. I get made fun of a lot at home because if Netflix doesn't connect automatically I'm calling my husband to come and fix it. Which is why I love going to Best Buy when I'm ready to buy something where I'll have a lot of questions and need clear answers that don't bog me down with a … [Read more...]

Chamilia Traveling Bracelet


  Charm bracelets are practically part of the culture I was raised in. Here in the south, especially when I was younger, it seemed like all my friends at school had them. The charms and bracelets of my younger days very basic and plain- pewter ballet shoes, a silver-looking poodle, what might have been the car from the Monolopy board game. Not much choice there, but we loved and used what we had. And for kids, those charms were fine! In recent years the charm world has really opened up with bracelets, beads and findings intended for … [Read more...]

The Honor of a Private Tour of Walt Disney’s Los Feliz Estate #DisneyInHomeEvent

#disneyinhomeevent, #maleficent, #sleepingbeauty, #disney

My travel and accommodations were provided for this trip but all opinions are my own and I will proudly shout them from the rooftops! #DisneyInHomeEvent #SleepingBeauty #Maleficent Being from Alabama, born and raised, I never expected to be able to go to the West Coast. Until this past weekend I had never seen the Pacific Ocean and the farthest west I have ever went is to Austin, TX on an epic road trip. I especially never expected to go where few have ever gone. By that I mean that I was able to get a private tour of Walt Disney's Los Feliz … [Read more...]

The Best European Destinations For Bargain Holidays

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When it comes to holiday destinations, Europe has something for everybody. From culture, art and beautiful cities, to beach, sand and sun; the choice is varied, as are prices. In this moment of lingering crisis and not-so-good weather, discount packages are worth considering. Bargain holidays are perfect options for individuals who want a relaxing vacation that is one for the books without burning a hole in their pocket. Santorini, Greece Mediterranean Magic is known for its enchanting combination of sun, sea and sense of history that … [Read more...]

I am going to LA for the #VeryBadDayEvent and #DisneyinHomeEvent


My travel and accommodations are being provided for this trip but all opinions are my own and I will proudly shout them from the rooftops! You will not believe what I get to do the 24th through the 28th.  You wont.  Try me.  Ok, you probably will since I have been shouting it all over my social networks! I am going to LA! Operation Clampetts go to Hollywood is in full effect.  When I got the email I started crying.  Well first I got this cold sick feeling in my stomach because I had accidentally deleted it and then I saw it was from someone … [Read more...]