My Book Boyfriends – Literary Addicts


The theme of this week is book boyfriend/girlfriend. If you could choose one character out of a book to be your significant other who would it be? Join our group HERE to find out next week’s theme!   This is such a hard choice so I refuse to choose.  I have many book loves and I just can't pick one. The Forbidden Game Trilogy Julian from the Forbidden Game Triology can shadow me anytime.  He is a Shadow Man, beings born in perfection but become capriciously evil over the eons.  I just shiver whenever L. J. Smith describes him in her … [Read more...]

Seven Things – Trash Can Bloggers Week 8 Writing Prompt


Seven Things I want to Do Before I Die This is the Week 8 writing prompt from Trash Can Bloggers.   1. I would like to see more of the world.  I have been to Alabama (of course I live here), Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.   I have also been to New York for like 3 hours waiting on a plane so I dont know if that counts.  I have been all over North -East Germany.   That is just not enough for me.  I want to actually see some of the Wonder of the World.  I want to see … [Read more...]

Stalking My Favorite Authors – Literary Addicts


The theme of this week for the Literary Addicts is Stalker Day! Pick your favorite author that you love to stalk and just can’t get enough of! Join our group HERE to find out next week’s theme!   Since having kids it has been harder and harder for me to really be the kind of reader I used to be.  I would devour books. Chew them up slowly and savour them and then read them again with huge bites! Now I read a little bit and put the book down. Read a little bit and put the book down. Rinse, repeat until the book is done.  It doesn't have the … [Read more...]