THRIVE healthy low fat Banana-Pineapple Smoothie

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I love a good smoothie- not too sweet, not too tart, something light and refreshing but that will keep me full and satisfied until my next meal. I did a lot of experimentation with smoothies over the hot, hot summer with my THRIVE shake powder and came up with some really amazing recipes that will keep me energized and satisfied and hit that YUM factor is always looking for. I discovered that fully ripe, frozen bananas do incredible things for smoothies no matter what else you use- they give each smoothie a rich, creamy taste without adding fat or … [Read more...]

Walk More, Spend Less

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Most of us are familiar with the many health benefits of choosing to walk more often. Getting out once a day or more improves posture, blood pressure and cardiovascular health. It’s far less stressful on your body than an intensive gym session or going for a run, and more importantly, walking is pleasurable, and of benefit to your mental well-being. But there are also some surprising financial arguments for taking a hike, which can add up to a healthier bank balance. Parking All those quarters you have been stuffing into the meter add up over … [Read more...]

Sweaty Betty – Fun Clothes for Workouts

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Back when I was first starting to get my weight on track, one of the problems I had with working out, or one of my excuses really, was that I didn't really have the clothes for it. I'd go to a store and be overwhelmed with all of these options and then people staring, it was just not fun and uncomfortable. I recently found out about Sweaty Betty which is a website that is nothing but workout clothes. Not just one type either, they have workout apparel, yoga wear, running attire and even swim wear. So there are plenty of options for any type of … [Read more...]

Waking up to Thrive


I have always been the type of person who would prefer to sit on the couch instead of going outside. I have three very athletic sisters and then there is me, book nerd extraordinaire.  I became a stay at home mom last year in April after my daughter was born and I told everyone I would hate it.  I do hate it.  I miss having something to do.  At home with the kids I cant seem to make myself get up and be on a schedule. I sank into depression after my daughter was born.  I wasnt contributing to the household (in my mind) and I felt like a failure as a … [Read more...]

100 Free Apps for Weight Loss and Workouts

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If I did not have my awesome Misfit app and my FitBit app, I would feel like I never did enough in a day.  At this point I feel guilty when I dont get at least two miles just moving around doing my daily stuff.  I like to have both apps and both products so I can wear one throughout the day and the other during my workout to keep better track.  And I use the Misfit for swimming which sadly my FitBit cant do. I also have used MyFitnessPal for years.  Please add me if you would like a friend who gets on there hardcore for weeks and then stays off for … [Read more...]

Four Office Exercises that will Help you Beat that Belly Bulge

Four office exercises that will help you beat that belly bulge It’s a problem area for many women, so don't stress about it too much, but if you are looking to lose that belly weight in the new year, start at the office instead of the gym. You're there for at least half the day, right? So, it makes more sense to sneak in a workout at the office than it does to plan a whole routine in an hour a day at the gym. These four exercises can get you on your way to a flatter belly right now.  You should also check out my post with 7 easy ways to exercise at … [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways to Get in Substantial Cardio this Winter Without Having to Hit the Gym


If you think you have to go to a gym in the winter time to beat the cold and get in shape, you may want to reconsider that line of thinking. You can get a substantial workout in the winter and at home, but you need to know a few things before you get started. One, a workout consists of a stretching period (about two minutes), a warm up period (about five minutes), a cardio section of about 30-45 minutes, a strength training period of at least 20 minutes, and a cool down lasting five minutes. Two, if you're new to working out, you should do … [Read more...]

7 Easy Ways to Exercise at Work


If you’re chained to a desk all day, you may be wondering how you can get in a great workout. It's easier than you may think! The body is generally divided into seven main parts, in terms of exercising, and those include cardio for heart health, back, chest, arms and shoulders, legs, glutes, and abs. Doing an exercise for each of these, daily, can help you get in better shape and doing them at work can help you stay focused and energized throughout your day. Cardio Skip the elevator at work and take the stairs, even if you work on the first … [Read more...]

How to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

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One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight.  It’s also pretty common to start with a bang and be off the diet and exercise regimen by the end of January, if you even last that long.  The reason so many people fail is because they don’t plan properly, and then think they “can’t do it”.  It’s not as hard as it looks.  You just have to be well prepared. Set some goals.  For example, if you want to lose 50 lbs., expect it to take 6 months minimum.  You may be very dedicated, but it’s not going to happen overnight unless you do … [Read more...]

Are You Snacking Away Your Food Budget?


Are You Snacking Away Your Food Budget? Did you establish a food budget but keep going over it? Food budgeting only works when it is enforced; if you and your family are snacking away your food budget here are some helpful tips to not only shave dollars off your budget but probably your waistline to. Throwing away expired food is wasting your money. To solve this issue take an inventory of what’s in your pantry and the expiration date and rotate your pantry items weekly so that you are using the earliest expiration dated foods first. Keep … [Read more...]