Snuzzle Me by Splendipity Review

A multi-function product that does almost everything I would need and is super soft and cute? Sign me up! A few months ago I got to review the Snuzzle Me by Splendipity and I have to say its super amazing. Have you ever had a product that you liked so much you couldnt think of anything to say about it? When I tried to explain the Snuzzle Me to my mom after I received it, I was like, you know those things that you put on the shopping cart, it does that. And those things you put on the highchair, it does that. And it does tons of other stuff. She … [Read more...]

Take the I-Never Challenge

The hit Showtime show Shameless (say that three times fast) is really in your face outrageous sometimes. Often when I watch it I have to cover my eyes because its too much. My husband laughs at me but I get so embarrassed when I watch someone else get embarrassed. And the things they do on that show I would never ever do. Well, most of them. Now they have the I-Never Challenge which has hilarious video clips from the show. All you do is watch the short video clips showing the most out-there and 'Shameless' moments from Season One of Shameless, then … [Read more...]

Be My Love Bouquet -Teleflora Giveaway

I absolutely love receiving flowers. The best Valentine’s Day I can remember is when I received roses at my work from my friend Kendra. We were single so we decided to give gifts to each other. Now if only my husband would take the hint and send me some. He has made some days very special with flowers for me though. Just never at work. I steal save a few petals off each bouquet I have ever been given. I even have some from my first boyfriend who brought me one rose to school for a Christmas gift. It was so sweet. What a great memory. I think … [Read more...]

Perplexus 3-D #Christmas #Giveaway

Amazing Toy Giveaway!!!   Perplexus Original from PlaSmart (MSRP $24.99) is a 3-D maze game where kids can maneuver a small marble around challenging barriers inside a large-sized transparent sphere. With numerous paths and dozens of barriers to overcome, players race each other or the clock. Perplexus is also a great tool for cognitive development, encouraging children to exercise their problem-solving, motor and dexterity skills, as well as improving hand-eye coordination. Perplexus Original is recommended for children ages … [Read more...]

One Tree Hill Season Eight Out on DVD/UltraViolet! #lastminutegifts

I am in love with Chad Michael Murray and I am so sad he is not on One Tree Hill anymore. Ok, now that I got that out, I am happy that Season Eight of One Tree Hill is out on DVD and UltraViolet Digital Copy today!!! This is such a great show. I love drama filled shows and this one has definitely had its share. Oh, Nathan, why must you be so cute? Nathan and Haley are the best couple ever unless you wanna think back and remember how awesome Lucas and Peyton were. I hear that Chad Michael Murray will be back for Season Nine!! I can almost see the … [Read more...]

Shameless Season One is Out on DVD/Blu-Ray!

Showtime really scored with the hit show Shameless. It's second season is coming up in January. I am excited that the Complete First Season of Shameless will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and for Download on December 27, 2011! When this show first aired I wasn't that interested in it. It wasn't until my husband started watching it that I started noticing him laughing often. I decided to watch it one day with him and I was hooked. Frank Gallagher is not the world's best dad (understatement) and he leaves his eldest daughter Fiona to hold down the … [Read more...]

All New Episode of Rizzoli & Isles Tonight!!!

I am still reeling after last week's episode of Rizzoli & Isles. It was so good! I actually missed the first few minutes of it though because I was trying to check-in to Get Glue on my phone (I usually do it on the computer) and the app kept redirecting me to the main page. Turns out I did check in but I thought it didnt go through so I kept trying to check in. My fault completely. I loved the 'mean girl' of last week's episode but I wont say anymore than that in case you havent seen it. And everyone knows I love Casey so that was an extra … [Read more...]

The Amazing Gift Card Weekend

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gift Card Weekend for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I just found out about Gift Card Weekend! How did I not know about it before? Its going to be an awesome weekend, January 6th to the 8th where giftcards are going to be worth even more! That is so perfect for the people who get giftcards for the holidays! I know I always give my older nieces and nephews giftcards. Their ages range from 22, 21, 20 (on Jan 1), 19, 14, and 12. I buy clothes or toys for the others, 10,9,5, and … [Read more...]

The Future of Smallville (In My Mind)

I have posted a couple of times recently about how sad I have been that Smallville is over. What if there was another season? What would you see happening in the next season? Its definitely something to ponder about. I have wondered if there was another, would it be more comic-verse or movie-verse? I think speeding ahead to the future a bit would be neccesary for a next season. Even just a few years. Way too much happened in the last season to just roll a few days later. Maybe the first episode of the next season could just be a big teaser. In my … [Read more...]

Zenni Optical & The Holidays!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zenni Optical for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I have been wearing glasses for over 14 years now and I can tell you I have had some ugly frames. I have also had some really stylish frames. One year I had really awesome vision insurance that would pay up to $200 for frames so I got some Vera Wang frames that I was complemented on constantly. Random people would come up to me and tell me how nice my glasses were. My vision insurance now only pays $100 so there is not a lot of choice … [Read more...]