Amazing Tea Over Ice Brewing Pitcher from Tea Forte Review

Being from the South, I feel like I am an iced tea connoisseur. I have had so many different types of tea and the only rule down here is that they better be sweet.  I have several friends who are into chai teas and whipped green tea. I haven't ever really been a fan of those types of tea but I will try anything once. When I was given the chance to review the Tea-Over-Ice Brewing Pitcher by Tea Forte, I was super excited! Besides having one of the most lovely websites I have ever seen because of their great products, they are incredibly affordable so … [Read more...]

Rizzoli & Isles Season Two on DVD NOW!

Whoot! I just got my copy of Rizzoli & Isles Season Two in the mail today! And I got to watch the Season Premiere of Season Three yesterday! I am a happy woman. I cant wait to start rewatching Season Two and checking out all the awesome bonus features included in the DVD set. Not only does it include the 15 episodes, The Complete Second Season of Rizzoli & Isles also features an hour long behind-the-scenes featurette, unaired scenes and a gag reel as well as a new UltraViolet Digital Copy.  I love unaired footage. I think it is always my favorite. … [Read more...]

Bloggers! Sign up to Give away a Kindle Fire

Literary Addicts and Promotional Book Tours have partnered up with 10 Incredible authors to Give AWAY A Kindle Fire!!! Here are the books involved Secrets (Guardian Trilogy)Fearless Dirty Blood Taming the Wolf (Coming Soon) Bride of Fae (Coming Soon) Immortal Voyage (Coming Soon) Mark of the Witch The Marriage Bargain Slow Boat to Purgatory Descended by Blood (Vampire Born Trilogy, #1) Event Dates: June 15 – 29 You can go HERE to sign up to be a part of this event.  You get one FREE link for posting about the contest and another free … [Read more...]

Learning to Rock and Multiply with Rock n’Learn

I am sure many of you remember when I did a review for Rock n' Learn Letter Sounds for Baby E.  Little M was so upset I didn't get something for him and he was the one in there jumping and playing along to the music even though it was too young for him. So when Rock n' Learn offered a chance to review their Multiplication Rap DVD  I jumped on it and I am glad I did. Little M is singular soul. He is very into being 'cool' and most of his friends love his style. He wears unique outfits like the one he is wearing in this picture and his friends … [Read more...]

Nuby Splash n’ Catch Bathtime Fishing Set Review

Does your child have a favorite bath toy? Mine does. Baby E loves his Splash n' Catch Bathtime Fishing Set from Nuby. When I first opened it, he knew that the little 'fish' went in the net and started piling them in. I let him play with it for a few minutes before I put him AND the toy in the bathtub. That was when I knew this was going to be a good toy. Baby E only likes baths if I am in them. He is fine after I get out but he will never get in the tub by himself which is probably my fault because I never made him. He willingly got in the tub and … [Read more...]

Alabaster City Fest – Alabama Attractions

So I have been thinking of starting a travel part of my blog for some time now. The only problem is there is NOTHING in Alabama.  Ok, I am lying. There is plenty to do but with two jobs, two kids, and a husband that works late, I never get to do anything.  So this part of my blog will be highly unfinished for awhile. … [Read more...]

Amazon Twitter Blast!

Enter to win a $100 Amazon code from a ton of great blogs! In order to make this as easy as possible for you all the Twitter accounts are on one page so you can just click them easily then enter once on the form. If you like all of the Twitter accounts, you will get 100 points; however, if you just want to do simple entry - you can just click the enter button and you will have 1 point into the giveaway. You can tweet about the giveaway up to 3 times a day at least one hour apart.    A great way to get all the entries is to follow a few pages every … [Read more...]

Nuby Replacement Spouts and Nipples!

You can now get Nuby Replacement Spouts at!  I know we have all done the, 'drag all the cups and nipples out of the cabinet to find all the matches' dance before.  I did it the other day and I have 6 cups that have no spout. SIX! How in the world did my dishwasher eat six spouts?  Especially since I wash them by hand.  also has a Facebook page. Go check it out and like them if you havent already! … [Read more...]

When the past won’t stay buried -Rizzoli & Isles

Did you ever have someone who just constantly showed up places? Like no matter where you are if there is someone who don't wish to see, they will be there? I am sure most of us don't have serial killers in our past like Jane did in Rizzoli & Isles.  Poor Jane.  Serial killer Charles Hoyt is part of Jane's back story and what a back story it is! She is such a strong woman to be able to face her demons. He showed up again in a couple of episodes of Season 1 and then he shows up again in Season 2 in, "Remember Me."  He seems to have all the clues … [Read more...]

FREE YA eBooks on Amazon Today!

I was searching through Amazon's FREE books and I found a TON today! I don't even have a Kindle (Buy me one?) so I use my phone's Kindle app. You can also read on the Kindle Cloud Reader online. These books are FREE today and some may be FREE forever or till Tuesday or November. It does not say so I am just saying, Get them while you can! The House of Gray-Volume 1 and Volume 2 Arthur Archer and the Time Traveller's Chronicles  Tyler Falls ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion US (The Chronicles of Ageron) The Deliverer (The Marenon Chronicles Book … [Read more...]