One Tree Hill Meets the Past -Season Nine

Well, the season finale came and went and blew so many minds. One Tree Hill is over. You will never see a new episode on TV again. You will never have to wait a week to find out what happens to Brooke or Clay. Of course, you may have to wait ages for reruns if you don't own it on DVD which is a must have for all One Tree Hill fans.  Just because the show is not on anymore doesn't mean its not still as awesome.  Take the season finale for example! Look at how awesome it turned out and all the returning people!I mean Clay finding out he had a son … [Read more...]

Fate’s Design Giveaway -Winner’s Choice Nook or Kindle Touch

I've got another great book tour and giveaway for everyone! This one is for Fate's Design! Fate's DesignFate Series Book OneA summer vacation in Italy with her twin sister, Morgan, is just what Megan Romano needs. But instead of fun, wine, and relaxation, she finds unexpected romance. Alexandros DiPiero, a sexy and mysterious Italian businessman, falls for Megan the minute he lays eyes on her, but Megan knows it’s too good to be true.Increasingly haunting dreams that warn of danger and destiny plague Megan’s every sleeping moment. As her nightmares … [Read more...]

Easy Italian Breadcrumb Crusted Pork Tenderloin Recipe

I made a very easy pork loin recipe the other night. I was actually quite surprised at how well it turned out once I convinced myself I had cooked it enough (I always worry a bit much when it comes to pork).Ingredients:2 cups Italian seasoned bread crumbs1/2 - 2/3 cup olive oil  2 pounds pork tenderloinDirections:1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. 2. Mix olive oil and bread crumbs together until they are at a moist, sticky consistency.3. Place pork loin on a baking sheet. Cover pork loin in bread crumb mixture (make sure its about 1/4 inch thick) on … [Read more...]

Interview with Dr. Jennifer Coates of

Recently I got the chance to interview Dr. Jennifer Coates with She was extremely nice and talked to me about common myths about cats. She was so knowledgeable, I wish I could have talked to her forever. I am a big cat person so I have heard a bunch of them.This was my first interview so I wasn't sure how to get started. I felt like I was crazy but I guess I got started well. You tell me! I first asked her about the MyBowl for Cats. You can see in the interview the different plates for cats, humans, and dogs. I thought it was super … [Read more...]

Fit Moms for Life Review & Giveaway

I received Fit Moms for Life about a month ago. At first I was like, oh, I will start tomorrow. Oh, this weekend I will look at it.  I started reading the book about 2 weeks ago at work and I feel so ashamed of myself. What I was doing is what I have always been doing. I always have a reason to not exercise. But now that I am on a diet and I am trying to be healthier, I am going to change my life.  I will not give in to the tomorrows any longer. I want to be healthy today.Book cover taken from Fit Moms for Life: How to Have … [Read more...]

Week 6 and Feeling Great with Nutrisystem #NSNation

Well, its been a month and a half on Nutrisystem and I am proud to say that I am doing well.  I have been chugging water like there is no tomorrow. I have been turning down offers of fast food (oh chick fil a, why are you so yummy?) from friends at work and just bringing my lunch. I really feel like this Nutrisytem diet is going to work for me. I know I sounded all gloomy last week about my weight but I figure that if I can fit in clothes that I like and I can make up the stairs at home without being out of breath, than I am doing good.Big E is … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem and Me -Week 5

I am the world's worst procrastinator. Well, maybe not the worst. I can point a few fingers but we all know that's not very nice (point, point). So I have been exercising so well these last couple of days. So well that I have made all my muscles seize up. Literally. I cant even lift my arms above my head from doing planks and pushups. My ab muscles scream when I try to twist in my computer chair at work from crunches. I am falling apart. Enough complaining though. I am here. I am alive and I feel great. I take my vitamin everyday, I take my … [Read more...]

Kindle Fire Giveaway Follow Page

Kindle Fire Giveaway! TWITTER FOLLOWS FACEBOOK LIKES PINTEREST FOLLOWS blogbydonna itsthecaffeine GiveawayMaven divinecaraecle alas3lads VerosView jspeed21 rn62 frugalfreeloadr sandyc42 mmbear5 Follow via GFC VOTE on PICKET FENCE FOLLOW FEEDS Enter … [Read more...]

Giving My Garden an Organic Boost With Whitney Farms

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I attempt to grow things every year. I say attempt because Alabama weather is so unpredictable. We plant on Good Friday usually and it's pretty warm at that time. However, for the past two years Alabama has gotten snow in May. Snow! Which pretty much wilts all my plants.  Some of it is my fault though. I don't really give them lots of love like I should.  I always worry that my kids should be eating fresh veggies from the garden but … [Read more...]

KitchenAid Artisan Mixer Giveaway (Commercial Industrial Supply)

This giveaway has ended. I appreciate you entering! … [Read more...]