Eventuality Book Blast & Excerpt


If you check at the bottom, you can enter to win a great prize!!! Check out this awesome excerpt from the Eventuality Book. Excerpt: I stepped closer to the mirror, my eyes wide as I studied my reflection. My pants were made of the softest and thinnest navy blue silk I’d ever seen. They were wide legged and hung on me perfectly, accenting my back-side, but falling loose and comfortable just in case I need to throat-kick someone. I smiled. My top was truly something to behold. Made of the same shimmery blue fabric, the corset-like top … [Read more...]

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World Cup Degree Motionsense

This post was sponsored by Global Influence. As always, all opinions are my own. "Get out of the way!!!" "NOOOOOO!" "Send him in, not that guy. He is a bozo"  "GOOOOOO USA!!!!" Yeah, those are some of the things you are probably hearing around your house during the World Cup matches.  I went to lunch the other day at a local Mexican restaurant when Brazil was playing Chile.  It was bad.  Most of the restaurant was heavily invested in one side or another and when someone got close to scoring or when they scored you could definitely tell.  Strangely, … [Read more...]

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: See 17 Minutes of Exclusive Footage in IMAX 3D


If you are like me and are totally excited to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel is indulging us just a little bit before the release on August 1st.  The studio will be screening 17 minutes of IMAX 3D footage from the sci-fi action movie at 150 IMAX theaters across North America on July 7th at 7pm.  I have actually never been to an IMAX 3D movie so I am pretty enthused to go see secret footage from a movie I am dying to see.  Marvel is pulling out all the stops with all of their movies so I know that there are tons more people like me just dying to … [Read more...]

Family Friendly Fun in Las Vegas


Family friendly fun in Las Vegas When we think about Las Vegas, usually we conjure up images of adult-only activity, from drinking in bars to gambling away our hard-earned cash or running away to get married. Contrary to popular belief however, the City of Sin does actually boast a huge variety of family friendly activities, many of which do not have to be harmful to your back pocket. If you are anything like me, you save up all year for a great vacation and you want to be able to fit as many fun events in as you can! Whether it’s a cultural … [Read more...]

$100 Amazon or $100 Paypal Giveaway


With summer blazing and temperatures rising it may be fun to sit inside and have a cool drink! So sit back, grab a lemonade, and let’s get talking! Check out this awesome giveaway with no pages to “like” or “follow”. All you need to do is visit a one or a few of our favorite network sites and give them a great comment once a day or once (depending on the entry) on one of their blog publications to increase your chance of winning. We want to know what you think of our hard work and also want to give you the chance to spoil yourself with a $100 … [Read more...]

Park Playdate at Veterans Park for the Win


I have been so busy this summer.  I am sure I have mentioned that when we moved five years ago that we moved almost an hour from all of our friends and family.  So all summer I have been driving back and forth from my mom's house or my grandmother's house.  This week I have gotten gas three times at $65 each time.  In ONE week.  I have been picking up teenagers and driving my mom to her appointments and doing lots of coupon shopping.  I am tired.  I am glad that I have a great park that is sort of nearby so that we can decompress and get rid of the … [Read more...]

Send a Text & Give Back with Folds of Honor Foundation


I recently worked with KC Masterpiece on a great summer recipe for my family and I learned that they are helping with a fantastic cause, the Folds of Honor Foundation. I have so many family members in the military so I truly believe in helping where I can.  This foundation helps by granting scholarships and financial assistance to families of those American servicemen who were killed or disabled in action.  The picture below is my grandfather.  All my great-uncles were also in the military in several different branches.  Now that I think about it, … [Read more...]

Guardians of the Galaxy Character Posters #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy


Guardians of the Galaxy is coming so soon! I am excited. I love Chris Pratt and I think he is going to be awesome as 'Star-Lord'. He is just so snarky and his face just cant contain the humor. Even when he tries to look serious he has this sardonic 'I am laughing at you' look on his face.   I have been waiting for this movie for a long time.  I love all things Marvel (if you havent been to one of my Marvel release parties, you have not LIVED!) and will be throwing another bash for this one.  You can expect tons of posts on this great Marvel movie … [Read more...]