Savings in Your Hands: Using Your Thermostat to Lower Your Heating Bills

Adjusting and setting thermostat to save energy

It is never too early to plan ahead and work out how you are going to keep your heating bills as low as possible when the cold nights start and winter begins to influence a downward trend with the thermometer readings. We might have different reasons for wanting to reduce our energy costs, but whether it is because of environmental concerns or simply down to trying to save some dollars, there are some simple steps you can take to achieve this goal. Get ready for winter In order for you to have the best chance of reducing your heating costs, … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know About Planning for Your Retirement


Everything you need to know about planning for your retirement  Planning for your pension probably isn’t something you spend much time thinking about, as one in three people aren’t putting anything away towards their golden years. However, not saving anything could lead you in the difficult position of never being able to retire; which is what 1.4m over-65 year-olds are currently finding. Saving doesn’t have to be difficult, and with a little bit of careful planning you can put money away without having to diminish your current income by … [Read more...]

The Great & Delightful Moments In My Life #GEICODelight


I think people as a whole think of the good things that have happened in their lives as opposed to dwelling on the bad ones. I know I remember graduating and getting married more vividly than the pain of getting my gallbladder removed or having extensive surgery on my sinuses.  And of course being a mom has been a whole new world for me. I have been a mom now for almost 11 years and I have to tell you that I have had many delightful moments.  Of course I have had a few scary ones like tubes for both kids and several hospitalizations for my younger … [Read more...]

How to Plug Leaks in your Household Expenses

As prices go up, we try to find ways to save a few extra dollars on our household expenses. Sometimes there are little things that you do or don’t do that end up costing you money without even thinking about it.  Step back and take a look at what your expenses are to find a few extra dollars in your household budget.  It is easy to save money if you just look at the small things. Here are a few things that we’ve done:   1.  Turn your water heater down.  There is no reason to keep your water at a scalding temperature.  You can probably … [Read more...]

Have a Frugal Vacation in San Antonio!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SAVE for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. We all know that I love to save. I try to be frugal in everything I do and vacations always seem to be super expensive. You want to get away and have fun experiences but its always a bummer when you get home and realize how much you spent. San Antonio is making visitors’ summer getaway even more value packed with the SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience. You can get exclusive discounts, deals and limited time offers on some of San Antonio’s … [Read more...]